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Manie Sherrill

(07/20/1889 - 12/19/1967)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 12/28/1967

Mrs. Lew Sherrill Dies December 19

Mrs. Lew (Manie) Sherrill of Harrison died at the Community Hospital at Chadron on December 19, at age 78.

She was born in Oelwein, Iowa on July 20, 1889 to Rosary and Elmer G. Howard. She moved to Harrison from Brandon, Iowa, in 1908.

She married Lewis E. Sherrill on October 29, 1914, and lived in Harrison until her death. She was a member of the Friendship Club and several ladies clubs. She was an avid bowler and until the past year or more had belonged to bowling leagues.

She is survived by her husband Lew; a daughter Eunice Leinart; two grandsons, Larry Reed and David Leinart; one sister, Marjorie Johnson of Oshkosh, Wis.; one brother, Thomas Potts of Independence, Iowa; and three great-granddaughters.

She was preceded in death by her mother and father; four brothers, Mark, Marve, Andy (Max), and Marcy, and two sisters-Myrtle and Myra.

Funeral services were held at the Memorial Methodist Church in Harrison with Rev. J. Lee Gorman officiating. Mrs. Martin Koch was organist and accompanied Mrs. Lee Gorman, Mrs. Ted King, Mrs. Wm. Renning and Miss Lily Larson as they sang Manie's favorite hymns, "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere" and "Beyond The Sunset."

Pallbearers were five nephews, Lester Dunn, Arthur Dunn, Vernon Dunn, Gerald Kennedy, Maurice Kennedy, and a neighbor, William Baker Sr. Burial was in the Harrison Cemetery.

Out-of-town relatives attending were Mrs. Eunice Leinart, Alhambra, Calif.; Larry Reed, Temple City, Calif., Jack Bearbower, Riverside, Calif., Mrs. Josephine Kennedy, Murice Kennedy, Nannah Kennedy all of Crawford; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kennedy of Chadron; and Mr. and Mrs. Perle Bearbower, Mrs. Donna Cearns of Scottsbluff. Due to stormy weather several relatives were unable to attend.

Ladies of the Women's Society of Christian Service and the Friendship Club served dinner to the relatives and friends of the family.

Larry Reed and Jack Bearbower left Friday from Scottsbluff for their homes in California. Mr. and Mrs. Perle Bearbower and daughter, Donna Cearns returned to their homes in Scottsbluff. Mrs. Eunice Leinart will spend some time with her father, Lew Sherrill.

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Photo, from Nebraska Gravestones, used with permission from photographer Jim Schaffer.

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