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Sheridan Burke

(11/30/-0001 - 11/30/1930)
Courtesy of Lusk Free Lance, 01/01/1931

Man Dies Soon After Starting on Western Trip

The many friends of Sheridan Burke formerly of this vicinity, were grieved last week when within a few hours after he had been placed on a bus, to start for the home of his mother in Portland, Ore., he passed away, a victim of the dread disease, tuberculosis.

Burke, although many were unaware of the fact, contracted the disease several years ago, but his activities as a cow-puncher and rodeo performer led many to believe the he was in the best of health. He left here more than a year ago, and returned two months ago gradually becoming weaker due to the illness. He was taken to Dr. G. D. Murphy who expressed a belief that Burke was in a very serious condition.

The young man had desired to make the trip westward, and a number of friends lent assistance so that this might be arranged. Even though the physician warned against the trip at the time, young Burke was determined and he boarded the bus here Tuesday. News reached here the evening that he had died before reaching Torrington.

The remains were carried on into that city and prepared for shipment, later being sent to Portland where funeral services were held. Deceased is a brother-in-law of Albert Thomas of this city.

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