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Maria "Marie" Klemke

(12/07/1893 - 05/17/1949)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 04/30/1949

Mrs. Otto H. Klemke Sr., Passes Away Suddenly in Denver, Colo. Tuesday; Services To Be Held Here Friday

Mrs. Marie Klemke, wife of Otto H. Klemke, Sr., of this city died suddenly in the Rocky Mountain Hospital in Denver Colo., around noon, Tuesday May 17th, suffering from a gall bladder ailment, and had been in Denver since May 8th, preparing for surgery which was performed Monday, May 16th. The gall bladder ailment, along with coronary thrombosis, was given as the cause of death.

Concluding rites for the deceased will be conducted from the chapel of the Peet funeral home, tomorrow (Friday) afternoon at two o'clock, with Rev. F.C. Doctor, pastor of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran church of this city officiating.

Pallbearers will be George Gibson, J.P. Costlow, C.E. Marvin, A.B. Mills, Glen Cates and Herman Hitz.

Mrs. Klemke was born December 7, 1893, at Mapleton, Iowa, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V.P. Owens. She was reared to young womanhood in Mapleton, and came to this country some twenty years ago, where she met and married Otto H. Klemke, Sr.

She is survived by her husband, Otto H. Klemke, Sr., two daughters, Mr. Viola McCullough of Cheyenne, Wyo., and Miss Geraldine Klemke, of this city; two sons, Otto A. Klemke, Jr., and Kenneth, both of this city; her mother, Mrs. V.P. Owens of Mapleton, Ia.; six brothers, H.C. Owens of Hollywood, Calif.; Otto F. Owens of Los Angeles, Calif.; Andrew Owens and P.J. Owens, both of this city; Gus Owens of Soldier, Ia., and Hugo Owens of Mapleton, Ia.; and two sisters, Mrs. Amanda Intveen of Glenrock, Wyo.; and Mrs. Elsie Ketelsen of Mapleton, Iowa.

The Lusk Herald
May 19, 1949
Mrs. Otto Klemke Dies Suddenly in Denver Hospital

Mrs. Otto H. Klemke, 56, died unexpectedly at Rocky Mountain Hospital in Denver Tuesday nooon following an operation the previous day.

She had gone to Denver May 8 for treatment of a gall bladder condition and the surgery was considered successful. She was eating breakfast Tuesday morning when a blood clot caused her to sink rapidly.

Funeral service arrangements are still indefinite at Herald press time pending the hearing from relatives in California and Iowa.

Besides her husband, who operates an insurance and finance firm here, she leaves four children, Otto A. Jr., of Lusk, Mrs. Del McCullough of Cheyenne, and Geraldine a junior in high school and Kenneth in third grade.

Her mother, Mrs. Mary M. Owens, of Mapleton, Ia., survives, as well as six brothers and two sisters: Henry L. Owens, Long Beach, Calif.; Andrew Owens, Lusk; Mrs. Bill Intveen, Glenrock; Otto A. Owens, San Diego, Calif.; Pete Owens, Lusk; Gustav Owens, Mrs. Albert Kettelsen, and Hugo F. Ownes, Mapleton.

Mrs. Klemke came to Lusk in 1912 to visit her sister, Mrs. Intveen, who then lived here, and stayed in Lusk. She married Otto H. Klemke Sept. 16, 1917.

The Lusk Herald
May 26, 1949
Last Rites Held for Mrs. Otto Klemke Friday Afternoon

Last rites for Marie Owens Klemke, wife of Otto H. Klemke, were conducted from the Peet Chapel on Friday afternoon, May 20 with Rev. F. C. Doctor, pastor of the Lutheran church officiating.

A quartet composed of Mrs. Dorothy H. Porter, Miss Alma Heins, Emil Klemke and Donley Unruh sang "Asleep In Jesus" and
"Just As I Am" accompanied by Mrs. J.P. Watson.

Friends who conveyed the remains to its last resting place in the Lusk cemetery were George Gibson, C. E. Marvin, A.B. Mills, Glen Cates, J.P. Costlow and Herman C. Hitz.

Mrs. Klemke passed away suddenly in the Rocky Mountain hospital in Denver on Tuesday, May 17 following an operation the previous day.

Her husband had taken her to the Denver hospital on May 5th for treatment for a gall bladder condition and the surgery appeared successful until she suddenly became worse the following morning and passed away before noon.

Marie Owens was born Decemher 7, 1892 at Soldier, Iowa, the daughter of Volgard Peter Owens and his wife Mary M. and grew to young womanhood in that community. She came to Wyoming the summer of 1912 to make her home with her sister Mrs. William Intveen of Lusk. Here she met and married Otto H. Klemke on Septembar 17, 1917 in St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church at Node, Wyo.

She was baptized at Ute, Iowa in her infancy and was confirmed in the Lutheran faith on September 10, 1922 at Node, Wyoming.

She leaves her husband, Otto H. Klemke; four children: Otto A. of Lusk; Mrs. Dell McCullough of Cheyenne, Wyoming; Geraldine Louise, a junior in High School, and Kenneth Keith. a fifth grader in the city school, both still at the parental home. She is also survived by her mother, Mary M. Owens of Mapleton, Iowa; six brothers and two sisters: Gustave, Hugo W., and Mrs. Albert L. Kettleson all of Mapleton, Iowa; Henry C. and Otto F. Owens of Los Angeles, Calif.; Andrew L. and Peter J. Owens of Lusk, Wyo., and Mrs. Amanda Intveen of Glenroek, Wyo. and three grandchildren.

She was an active member of St. Paul's Lutheran Ladies' Aid and the American Legion Auxiliary.

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