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Gladys Doman Alley

(03/14/1903 - 10/25/1950)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 10/26/1950

Gladys Alley Dies In California Tues.

Word was received here Wednesday by relatives of the death of Mrs. Gladys Alley, daughter of Mrs. Annie DeCastro. Mrs. Alley, who was a resident of Crockett, Calif. died Tuesday evening.

She is survived in the immediate family by her husband and a daughter, Diane, of Crockett, and her mother of Lusk. Brothers and sisters living in Lusk are A.F. DeCastro, Mrs. Lila Johnson, Mrs. Warren Gallup and Chad DeCastro.

One brother, Dr. A.D. Decastro of Hay Springs, Nebr., plans to fly out to Crockett for the services. He will be accompanied by other relatives of Lusk.

The Lusk Herald
November 9, 1950
Gladys Alley's Relatives Go to Cal. For Services

Eight relatives of Mrs. Gladys Alley of Crockett, Calif. left Oct. 25 to attend the funeral services held in that city October 27.

Those making the trip by car were: Mrs. Annie DeCastro of Lusk, mother of Mrs. Alley; Mrs. Warren Gallup, Mrs. Lila Johnson, Chad and Abdon, all of this city; Dr. and Mrs. Addison DeCastro of Hay Springs, Nebr., and Mrs. Dora Osborn of Hemingford, Nebr.

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