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Harry Andrew Wasserburger

(09/16/1898 - 05/12/1979)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 05/24/1979

Funeral for pioneer rancher/businessman

Funeral service was held Wednesday, May 16, at the Church of the Nativity at Harrison for Harry Andrew Wasserburger, pioneer rancher and longtime cattle auction operator. He died at the family home Saturday, May 12, following a lengthy illness.

He was born September 16, 1898, at Montrose, Neb., the eldest son of Henry and Mary Frances Wasserburger and attended school at Crawford, Neb., and Chadron State College. After completing his education, he taught at the local school in the Montrose community and began his ranching career with his brother Martin on the home ranch. His family made their home on the ranch until 1949 when they moved to Harrison. He was united in marriage with Mary Frances Geiser at the St. John's Catholic Church in Crawford November 28, 1922. They were the parents of three daughters. Mary Lou Federle, Mildred Wasserburger and Roberta Shockley, all of Harrison.

Mr. Wasserburger began his career in the cattle auction business in 1946 when Martin and he operated the Edgemont, S.D., Auction. In the summer of 1947 they constructed the Sioux County Livestock Auction at Harrison. He was a partner in the Lusk Sales Pavilion for 10 years from 1949 until 1959, and repurchased the business in 1969. He was active in ranching and the auction business until 1976 when be suffered a disabling stroke.

Mr. Wasserburger served many years on the school board of District 16 and served as county commissioner of Sioux County 1947 through 1954.

He was preceded in death by his parents; three brothers, Alfred, Chester and Earl; infant sister Mary and grandson Joe Shockley. Survivors include his widow Mary; daughters; brother Martin, two sisters, Mrs. Mark Hungerford of Alliance and Mrs. Adam Daum of Los Angeles, Calif., four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Monsignor Kimmet of Torrington. Wyo. officiated at the funeral and burial in St. Mary's Cemetery at Harrison. Music was furnished by members of the community chorus and the Siouxettes accompanied by Mrs. Ruth Hall. Pallbearers were his grandsons Andy Federle and Erik Swanson; his nephew, Wayne Charles Wasserburger of Edgemont, S.D., and his cousins, Vince Wasserburger of Ardmore, S.D., and Norbert and George Wasserburger of Montrose.

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