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M.J. Thralls

(01/16/1843 - 11/30/1950)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 12/21/1950

Mrs. Senters' Father Dies in Oregon At Age of 107; Was Civil War Veteran

Mrs. Etta Senters of this city has received word of the death of her father, M. J. Thralls of Oregon City, Ore. who was 107 years of age at the time of his death which occurred on Nov. 30.

If he had lived until January 16, 1951, he would have been 108 years old.

Mrs. Senters is 78 years old and it is most unusual for one who has attaained that age to have a parent still living. Mr. Thralls spent about a year in Lusk in 1934. He was one of 15 Civil War Veterans who were still living.

M.J. Thralls was born Jan. 16, 1843 at Terre Haute, Ind. He grew to young manhood in Clay County, Ill., and on Oct. 24, 1864 enlisted in the Grand Army of the Republic. He was injured in combat and after spending some time in an army hospital was given a discharge at Springfield, Ill., on Oct. 24, 1865.

After the close of the Civil War Mr. Thralls came to Nebraska making the trip by covered wagon and homesteaded near the present town of Ainsworth where he lived until 1934 when he came to Lusk. The following year he went to Idaho to the home of a daughter and in 1949 he moved to Oregon where another daughter resided.

Funeral services and interment were made at Ontario, Ore.

Survivors include three daughters, Mrs. Etta Senters of Lusk, Mrs. Rose Holmes of Oakdale, Nebr., and Mrs. Orilla Morton of Oregon City, Ore. Other Lusk relatives included three grandchildren, Mrs. Harry Austin, Mrs. Henry McGinnis and Victor Senters and two great grandchildren, Mrs. Maxine Koch and Miss Donna Austin.

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