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Edgar "Jordy" Jordan Boner

(11/03/1957 - 03/14/1976)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 03/18/1976


Edgar Jordan Boner, better known in this community as "Jordy" was killed instantly in a head-on auto collision Saturday evening.

He was born in Lusk November 3, 1957, to Edgar and Polly Boner, and reared on a ranch in Niobrara County. He was a senior at Niobrara County High school where he was active in football and basketball.

He was an active member of the 4-H program and rodeo club, and always became involved in extra-curricular school activities.

A memorial service was conducted Tuesday afternoon by The Rev. Robert Boutwell at the N.C.H.S. auditorium which was filled beyond capacity with people standing.

J. D. Wasserburger, a friend of the Boner family and 1975 graduate of N.C. H. S., sang "He" and "The Lord's Prayer". He was accompanied by Mrs. Jane Bardo, organist.

Honorary bearers were Jordy's classmates of the N.C.H.S. class of 1976. Active bearers were Barton Bird, Ken Keller, Marty Fernau, Pat Pfister, Bob Doctor, Ken DeGering, Mike Wasson and Les Penfield.

Interment was in the Lusk Cemetery.

In addition to his parents he is survived by three sisters, Jessie (Mrs. Warren) Lauer, Laramie, Charlene (Mrs. Ken) Haas, Veteran, and Karen (Mrs. Jeff) Ketcham, Buffalo; grandmother Mrs. Izetta Boner, Lusk; and uncle, Bob Boner, Glenrock; and an aunt, Mrs. Kay Guiterrez, Rock Springs; 1 niece and 3 nephews.

A head-on collision Saturday night on a rural Niobrara County road left two young men dead and five other teen-agers critically injured. Killed instantly, according to law officers, were Edgar "Jordy" Boner who was a senior at N.C.H.S. and Sam Cantrell who graduated from N.C.H.S. with the class of 1973.

Injured were Kelly Christianson, 15, Kenny Dunn, 16, and Randy Heckman, 17, all N.C.H.S. students, and Kathy Thayer and Debra Anderson of Harrison.

Tuesday noon Kelly, a sophomore and son of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Christianson of Lusk, was still confined to the intensive care unit at Niobrara County Hospital. He received bruises and lacerations to the head and face.

Kenny, a senior and son of Mr. and Mrs. Klutch Kingery, Icy Bay, Alaska, has a crushed foot, compound leg fracture, punctured elbow, fractured jaw, facial lacerations and a piece out of his hand which will require surgery.

Randy, a junior and son of Mr. and Mrs. Vic Heckman, Lusk, has a fractured leg and jaw, crushed hip and larynx. He underwent surgery on his jaw Monday.

Both of the Harrison girls were still in intensive care Tuesday morning. Debbie, a junior at Sioux County High School and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Anderson, has a broken pelvis, punctured lung, ear injury, bruised brain, eye abrasion and severe other abrasions.

Kathy, a junior at SCHS, and daughter of Mrs. Mable Thayer, underwent surgery for removal of a kidney and spleen, has a broken leg, and is badly bruised. She was taken off the respirator Tuesday morning.

"We just do not have any concrete facts on the accident at this time," said Undersheriff Gene Bryson, investigating officer who is being assisted by Highway Patrolman Eldon Alexander, and Patrol Sgt. John Bey of Douglas. "The kids involved were all seriously injured and most of them we haven't been able to talk to yet."

Bryson reports that the accident took place 3.7 miles south on the Silver Springs Road west of Lusk. The Cantrell vehicle, a 1969, two-door hardtop Pontiac was southbound. Dunn's 1969 Chrysler four-door sedan was northbound. The head-on impact occurred just over a small hill on the north side throwing both vehicles off the road. When they came to a stop both were headed north.

Bryson said he does not believe any of the accident victims were thrown from the vehicles but it is difficult to say for sure because there were so many young people who arrived at the scene shortly after the accident. Dunn was pinned in, and the second ambulance and rescue equipment was summoned by Bryson.

Most of the firemen, several of who are emergency medical technicians and man the ambulance, were attending the Fireman's Ball when the emergency call came. Answering the first call were Chuck Smith, Bob Vollmer, and Rich Schnorenberg. Taking the second ambulance were Al Titchener and Kester Akers.

The five inured youth were all brought to Lusk hospital for emergency treatment, and then all but Kelly were transferred to West Nebraska General Hospital in Scottsbluff by the two Lusk ambulances.

Officers believe that Cantrell was driver of the car in which the two girls were riding, and that Dunn was driver of the other car in which the three other boys were riding.

Both Dr. James Berryman and Dr. Carlton Huitt were called to the hospital, and several of the hospital staff, learning of the accident, returned to assist those who were on duty.

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Edgar "Jordy" Boner

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