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Frank Boner

(12/07/1883 - 01/15/1955)
Courtesy of Lusk Free Lance, 01/20/1955

Death Claims Second Member of Boner Family Within as Many Weeks; Last Rites Held Tuesday for Frank Boner

Death claimed Frank Boner, Saturday morning, January 15th, at the Converse County hospital, following a short illness. The deceased's death was the second in the Boner family within the past two weeks, services being held here last week for his brother, the late Walter Boner.

Concluding services were held at two o'clock Tuesday afternoon, January 18, from the chapel of the Peet Funeral Home with Rev. Jacob Nein, pastor of the First Congregational Church of Lusk, officiated. The services ere enriched with the singing of "Rock of Ages" and "Beyond the Sunset" by Mesdames Emerson Bonner and Ab DeCastro, with Mrs. Judson P. Watson presiding at the chapel organ.

Interment was made in the Lusk cemetery with the remains being borne to their final resting place by Ed Boner, Bob Boner, Leonard DeGering, all of Hat Creek, Wyo., John DeGering, Lusk, Wyo., Earl Boner, Edgemont, So. Dak., and Eldon Munkers, Douglas, Wyo., all nephews of the deceased.

Frank Boner, a son of Francis M. and Susan Ellen Boner was born December 7th, 1883 at Stanberry, Missouri and departed from this life January 15th, 1955, at Douglas, Wyo., having attained the age of 71 years, one month and eight days.

When only an infant, he came westward with his parents who made their home at Chadron, Nebr. As a young man of 18 years, he came to Wyoming and later homesteaded northeast of Hat Creek, Wyo. When only 13 years old, he met with an accident that caused the loss of sight in one eye, which kept him from taking advantage of the opportunities in this life.

His life in Wyoming was spent mostly herding sheep. His homestead is now a part of the Jess Boner ranch. He lived on the homestead with his brothers, Harry, and the late Jess Boner, until he went to Douglas a short time ago.

Survivors include three sisters, Mrs. Nellie Miller of Petrolia, Calif.; Mrs. Nora Landes, Houston, Texas; and Mrs. Ethel DeGering, Hat Creek, Wyo.; four brothers, Roy, Edgemont, So. Dak.; Harry, Hat Creek, Wyo.; Harvey, Guernsey, Wyo.; and Jasper, Miles City, Mont.

The Lusk Herald
January 20, 1955
Frank Boner Dies In Douglas Sat.; Services Held Here

Frank Boner, 71, of Douglas and formerly of Niobrara County, died at the Douglas Hospital Jan. 15 after a short illness.

Funeral services were held at the Peet Chapel Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock with Rev. Jacob Nein officiating. Mrs. Emerson Bonner and Mrs. A. F. DeCastro sang "Rock of Ages" and "Beyond the Sunset" accompanied by Mrs. J. P. Watson, organist.

Interment was in the Lusk cemetery with the Peet Mortuary in charge. Pallbearers were all relatives: Bob Boner, Ed Boner, Eldon Munkers, John DeGering, Leonard DeGering and Earl Boner.

Frank Boner, son of Francis M. and Susan Ellen Boner, was born Dec. 7, 1883 at Stanberry, Mo. When he was a few months old his parents moved to Chadron and after 18 years came to Wyoming where Frank spent the rest of his life.

At 13 years of age he met with an accident that caused the loss of sight in one eye. This was the cause of his not being able to take advantage of the opportunities in this life.

His life in Wyoming was spent mostly herding sheep. His homestead is now a part of the Jess Boner ranch. He lived on his homestead and with his brothers, Harry and Jess, until he went to Douglas.

He is survived by three sisters: Mrs. Nellie Miller of Petrolia, Cal.; Mrs. Nora Landes of Houston, Tex. and Mrs. Ethel DeGering of Hat Creek. Also surviving are four brothers: Harry of Hat Creek, Roy of Edgemont, Harvey of Guernsey and Jasper of Miles City, Mont.

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