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Samuel "Sam" Elmer Porter

(04/17/1863 - 11/25/1929)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 11/28/1929

Sam Porter, Former Lusk Man, Dies in S. D.

Word was received here Monday that Sam Porter, a former resident of Lusk, had died Sunday at his home in Spearfish, South Dakota.

His sons, Rolla and Ray Porter of Lusk, left here Monday to attend the funeral.

No particulars have been learned as to the cause of death. Mr. Porter ran a livery stable in Lusk many years ago, and has many relatives and friends in the county who will be grieved to learn of his sudden death.

If possible an obituary, with full particulars will be published next week.

The Lusk Herald
Obituary of Samuel Elmer Porter

Samuel Elmer Porter was born at Truro, Iowa, April 17, 1863. He passed away at Spearfish, South Dakota, November 25, 1929, being 65 years, 7 months and 8 days old. He had been confined to his bed since last April. In 1883 he was married to Ada White of Dumars, Iowa. To this union were born five children. One daughter, Edith, died in childhood. The four who are living are Rolla and Roy Porter of Lusk, Mrs. Lona Faust of Rapid City, So. Dak., Mrs. Etta Taylor of Casper, Wyo., and his wife, Emma Porter, who are left to mourn his death. In 1885 he moved to Julesburg, Colo., in 1895 moving to Lusk, Wyo., where he made many friends, who will be grieved to learn of his death.

In 1902 he was married to Emma Sherril of Harrison, Neb. In 1915 they moved to Wasto, So. Dak., from there to Spearfish. He was a memmber of the M. E. Church of Spearfish, and was laid to rest at Rapid City. He also has a step-daughter, Elva McGongole of Boston, Mass., and four brothers and two sisters, five grand-children, as well as a host of other relatives.

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