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Norman "Norrie" Harris Wickersham

(05/08/1928 - 08/23/2008)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 08/27/2008

Norman (Norrie) Harris Wickersham

Norman Harris Wickersham, (Norrie), was born May 8, 1928, to Abbie (Nelson) and George Wickersham at the Chain Lake Ranch in Sioux County, Nebraska. He passed away peacefully on Aug. 23, 2008, at his home with his family nearby.

Norrie spent his life in Sioux County. He attended elementary school at District 9 and graduated from Sioux County High in 1945. While growing up, he helped his parents on their ranch, and after marrying Doris Dout on Feb. 20, 1949, he went into partnership with his father-in-law on a ranch north of Harrison. He raised Hereford cattle as a young man, then Salers and later black baldies.

Besides cattle, Norrie and his wife, Doris, raised six children on the ranch north of town: Steven Bruce, Rebecca Lynn (Becky Serres), Scott James, Michael Norman, Neal Patrick, and Dale Brent. These kids gave Norrie twenty grandchildren and fourteen great-grandchildren. Norrie was proud of his close-knit family.

Besides raising cattle and children, Norrie was an active member of the community. He volunteered for the Sioux County Fire Department for many years. He served on the board of Regents of Sioux County High 1971-1978. He was an avid pinochle player, enjoying countless afternoons with his friends. He was a regular at the sale barns in the area. After retirement, Norrie started building furniture, coat racks and canes out of the diamond willow that grows on the creek on his ranch. He claimed bragging rights for the beautiful garden he raised. He had a fine collection of Indian artifacts for which he made a beautiful glass topped display table. He also had a labeled barbed wire collection.

Norrie was preceded in death by son Bruce, granddaughter Stephanie, parents George and Abbie, brothers Bill and George (Buster) and his sister Faith.

Norrie left behind his wife, Doris, his children Becky and George Serres of Crawford, Scott and Michelle Wickersham of Glenrock, WY, Mike Wickersham of Harrison NE, Neal Wickersham of Concord, CA, and Dale Wickersham of Waltman; his grandchildren Jason and Michelle Serres, Brent and Tammy Serres, Heath and Melanie Serres, Jared Serres and Ashley Lemmon, Amy Wickersham, Tracy Wickersham, Allison and Rick Reisig, Andrew Wickersham, Sean Wickersham, Beth Foster, Raymond Smith, Kerri Wickersham and Ethan Smith, Abbie Wickersham, Steven Wickersham, Richard Jordan, Brandon and Juree Wickersham, Eric Wickersham, Britoney Wickersham, Wesley and Diana Wickersham and Gary and Audrey Wickersham; great-grandchildren Cullen and Teagan Serres, Harlie Serres, Brac Serres and Kaitlyn Mader, Wyatt Wickersham, James Cox, Kiala and Haiden Jurek, Taylee and Karter Wickersham, Jacob and Hannah Reisig and Victoria Foster; sisters-in law Dorothy Wickersham, Phyllis Buckley and Phyllis Chlecq.

Norrie's passing leaves a big vacancy in the lives of his family and friends. He was loved much and will be sorely missed.

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