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Elias "Red" Howe Butler

(07/24/1892 - 09/16/1933)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 09/21/1933


Information courtesy of the Wyoming Newspaper Project. The following was published in the Lusk Free Lance.

Elias Howe Butler, disabled World War veteran, and for the past seventeen years a resident of the Dogie vicinity, passed away at the Battle Mountain sanitarium at Hot Springs, S. Dak., Saturday evening, September 16th, at the age of 41 years, 1 month and and 23 days. His death was the ultimate result of injuries incurred during the time he was a member of the A.E.F. in France.

The remains were brought to this city and funeral services, with full military honors, were held from the Congregational church Tuesday afternoon, September 19th. The impressive ritualistic ceremonies of the American Legion were conferred both at the church and at the grave, amidst the large crowd of friends who had come to pay their final respects to this fine citizen.

Mr. Butler is survived by his widow, Mrs. Reta M. Butler, and five sons, Cecil, of Casper; Leo, of Nebraska, and Oliver, Murray and Gordon, who reside at the family home; his mother, Mrs. Inez Swenson, and two sisters, Mrs. Mabel Margritz, of Poole, Nebr., and Mrs. Hazel Obay, of Los Angeles, Calif.

The services at the church were conducted by Harry H. Koontz, chaplain of the Lusk post of the American Legion, who delivered a sermon eulogizing the splendid service the deceased had rendered his country. A number of beautiful selections were sung by a mixed quartette, composed of Mrs. H. J. Templeton, Mrs. R. B. Taylor, Alger E. Johnson and C. C. Browning. Miss Alice Fowler accompanied at the piano.

At the conclusion of the sermon, a salute was fired by the firing squad of the local unit of the National Guard, composed of Clark Kuhn, Frankie DeCastro, Gerald Coen, John Stenger, Joe Siefert, Raymond Beach, Kenneth Beach and Walter Prelle, in charge of Sergeant Johnny Thon.

The line of march to the cemetery then began, headed by the color guard and colors. Harold Shoopman and Gerald Henderson made up the guard while Colonel Quinn and Ben Martin carried the colors.

The remains were borne by Frank W. Chambers, C. E. Marvin, Ralph Marshall, P.J. Owens, Floyd Deuel and Ed Erickson. At the grave the concluding Legion ceremony was given. The entire services were most impressive and marked in a fitting manner the passing of a devoted citizen and a loved veteran.

Lusk Free Lance
September 28, 1933

This community was shocked to hear of the untimely death of "Red" Butler. We can only extend our sympathy to those who are left behind to mourn. Mr. Butler was more than just a friend to this correspondent as we served in the same division in the A.E.F.

Snyder Creek

This community was grieved to learn of the death of "Red" Butler at Hot Springs, South Dakota, Saturday. He has been a resident of this community for a number of years and will be missed by all. We extend our sympathy to the bereaved ones.

Among those from this vicinity who attended the E. H. Butler funeral were Mrs. John O'Shea, Mrs. Wayne Dibble, Mrs. Geo. Teas, Miss Lottie Beardsley, Mr. an Mrs. Warren Deuel, Orvil Francis, Frank Johnston, and Steve Slappendall.

Cecil Philips of Casper, who was here for the E. H. Butler funeral is remaining with Mrs. Butler for the present and may spend the winter here.

The Lusk Herald
September 21,1933

Elias Howe Butler, son of Melvin and Inez Butler, was born at Litchfield, Neb., July 24, 1892. He grew to manhood in Litchefield, later spending some years in the Big Horn Basin in Wyoming. At the age of 12 years, his father died, leaving much responsibility on the older son.

During the World War, he served 18 months as a Corporal in Company E, 355th Infantry, 89th Division. with his division, he saw active service in France in the Lucey sector, Saint Mihiel offensive, Eversin sector, and the Meuse-Argonne. it was in the Argonne offensive that he received his wound and the shell shock which finally caused his death.

After his discharge from the army, he was employed for seven years as a driller in Wyoming and Texas oil fields. While at Midwest, Wyo., he met and married Reta M. Miller, on December 31, 1925.

In 1927 he moved to his homestead at Dogie, Wyo., which place has remained his residence. The past few weeks of his life were spent in Battle Mountain Sanitarium at Hot Springs, S.D., where he died September 16, 1933.

He leaves to mourn his death, his wife, Reta M. Butler, and five sons, Cecil of Casper, Leo of Nebraska, and Oliver, Murray and Gordon of the home; his mother, Inez J. Swenson, and two sisters, Mabel Margritz of Poole, Neb., and hazel Obay, of Los Angeles, Cal.

He was preceded in death by his father and brother, Albert, and an infant sister.

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