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Howard Herndon Eikenberry

(06/20/1907 - 10/30/1983)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 11/03/1983

Howard Eikenberry

Howard Eikenberry, 76, life-time farmer and rancher of the Rawhide Butte area southwest of Lusk, died at the Niobrara Memorial Nursing Home Sunday, Oct. 30. Services were held at Peet Mortuary Chapel Wednesday, Nov. 2. Interment was in the Lusk Cemetery.

In addition to managing his ranching business, Mr. Eikenberry was employed as a police officer in Lusk in the mid 1950's, served as deputy county assessor and was employed at the port of entry in Lusk from 1967 until 1969.

An outdoorsman, Mr. Eikenberry was an avid gardener, hunter and fisherman, often offering the hospitality of his ranch to out-of-state and local hunters. Each winter he ran a trap line, a necessity in his younger years to supplement the family income and a hobby in his later years, that he continued to pursue. Due to the lack of snow and mild weather the catch last winter wasn't abundant as in years past.

A victim of "Lou Gehrig" disease, Mr. Eikenberry was hospitalized in July in Scottsbluff where he underwent surgery, followed by hospitalization in Lusk and then transferral to the nursing home.

Howard Herndon Eikenberry was born June 20, 1907, in Edwards, Mo., the son of Fred and Sophronia Eikenberry who moved their family from Stapleton, Nebr. to Wyoming in 1917. The trek from Nebraska took 10 days by way of covered wagon pulled by four horses.

The Fred Eikenberry's settled their family of four daughters and son Howard, who was the youngest, in a one-room cabin of pine boards covered in tar paper. It was located 17 miles southwest of Lusk at the foot of the Buttes. Following the harvest of the crops that fall, another room was added to the homestead cabin. From the small homestead claim, Howard and his father purchased adjoining land and built a 2,500 acre sheep and cattle producing ranch.

On June 28, 1936, Howard and Lois Vera Taylor, a school teacher at the Rawhide School, were married. The Eikenberrys became the parents of three sons and one daughter - Helen (Mrs. William) Oates of Lusk, Howard of Denver, Robert of Lusk and William of Cheyenne.

The Rev. Frank Blish officiated at the funeral. Music was provided by Edna DeCastro on the organ and Joy Kaltenheuser who sang "Don't Fence Me In" and "Have Thine Own Way Lord."

Pallbearers were Art Brozovich, Carl Soderberg, Dave Wisseman, Bob Bramlet, Ed Hoy and Dale Bardo.

Mr. Eikenberry is survived by his wife Lois who has been a resident of Niobrara Memorial Nursing Home since 1978; his four children, grandchildren, J. William, Elizabeth and Barbara Jean Oates of Lusk, Mark and Jennifer Eikenberry of Denver, Angela and Bret Eikenberry of Omaha and Billy and Tommy Eikenberry of Cheyenne; and sisters, Edith Kaan of Lusk, Florence Rovere of Sturgis, S. Dak., and Marion Duguid of Silver City, N. Mex.

Memorial funds have been established to the Niobrara Nursing Home and Lusk Niobrara ambulance fund.

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