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William Lewis Magoon

(04/04/1863 - 02/23/1934)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 03/01/1934


William Lewis Magoon was born in Ontario, Canada, April 4, 1863, to Elizabeth and William Magoon. Along with his family he soon worked over the line into the United States and grew up at Harrisville, N.Y. When just a young man he came out west and in 1886 arrived in Lusk which was then known as Silver Cliff and was located west of the present site.

He followed the range - he operated what is believed to be the first cheese factory in Wyoming in a little store building in Manville. He was for a time a guide in Yellowstone Park.

In 1902 he was married to Elvira Libley at Tuneau, Wisconsin.

He has traveled much, having visited all the states in the Union except six. He spent several winters in Florida and it was on one of these trips that his foot was amputated.

At the time of his passing he operated a large sheep ranch north of Lusk. He departed this life last Friday night at 7 o'clock - close to 71 years of age. He leaves to mourn his going, his wife, Elvina S. Magoon; his daughter, Mrs. Charlles Larsen; his sons, William and Jack; a granddaughter, Joan Larsen; two sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Caldwell of Horrisville, N. Y. and Mrs. Oleva Aithen of Morrrisville, Wisconsin and a brother James who lives in California.

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