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Hial J. Church

(12/02/1867 - 01/29/1915)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 02/06/1915


Information courtesy of the Wyoming Newspaper Project. The following was published in the Van Tassell Pioneer.

Hial J. Church was born in Dane, Dane Co., Wis., Dec. 2, 1867, and died at his home at Kirtley, Jan. 29, 1915, being 47 years, one month and 27 days old.

April 21, 1890, he was married to Viola Gillett, at Broken Bow, Neb. Three children came to bless this union, all of whom, with their mother, are left to mourn a kind and loving husband and father. Besides his own family he leaves a mother and three sisters to mourn. His father passed away about two years ago. He with his family lived two years at Spring Hill, Wyo., then in Douglas one and one-half years, and twenty years ago this spring they came to the Ridge where he has lived ever since. About two weeks ago he took a bad cold which settled on his lungs, but nothing was thot about it till about a week ago when pneumonia set in. A doctor was called and all that loving hands could do was done, but to no avail. The funeral was conducted at the Hall Tuesday by Rev. Cortner; a large crown was present, and the casket was covered with beautiful flowers. The W. O. W., of which he was a member, conducted the services at the grave.

Resolution of Sympathy
Pleasant Ridge Camp, No. 614. W.O.W., P.J.

Whereas it has pleased Almighty God to call unto Himself the Spirit of our neighbor, H.J. Church,

Therefore, be it resolved, that we the members of Pleasant Ridge Camp, No. 614., W.O.W., P.J., extend to his bereaved wife and daughters, and son, our neighbor, F. H. Church, and other relatives, our heartfelt sympathies in this their hour of affliction.

And be it further resolved, that the Charter of our Camp be draped in mourning for thirty days and that a copy of these resolutions be printed in the Lusk Herald and Harrison Sun, and that a copy be spread on the records of the Camp.

J.D. Williams,
Ray Whipple,
J.J. ZumBrunnen, - Committee

Card of Thanks
Mrs. Hial J. Church and children and Mrs. Ruth Church and children wish to thank the neighbors and friends for their words of sympathy and love, also Miss Mabel Christian for the music, and all for their help in our hour of sorrow, and for the beautiful flowers.

Mrs. Hial Church and children,
Mrs. Ruth Church and children.

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