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Myra B. Hargraves

(07/14/1845 - 10/03/1912)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 10/10/1912

Myra Hargraves

Mrs. Myra Hargraves was born July 14, 1845, at Morrisonville, N.Y. When a young lady she came west and settled at Ripon, Wis., where she met and in 1872 married John Hargraves. Three children were born to them, a daughter, Lillian, who died in infancy, and two sons, Harry B. and Wesley J., both of whom are well known and respected citizens of Lusk.

Mr. and Mrs. Hargraves came to Wyoming about twenty years ago, where Mr. Hargraves organized and managed the Badger Sheep and Cattle Co's ranch with great financial success until his death ten years ago, when the aid and councel of their mother, Harry and Wesley continued the business most successfully, when an opportunity presented itself and they sold out the ranch, since which time they have resided in Lusk. A few years ago Mrs. Hargraves built a fine residence in town and began to pass her declining years in ease and comfort, her home being the rendezvous of her sons and many friends. She died very suddenly last Thursday morning, October 3rd, 1912, from heart failure, aged 67 years, 2 months and 18 days.

Mrs. Hargraves was of a kindly disposition and being interested in the upbuilding of Lusk and the general good, whe was respected and honored by all who knew her. She was a loyal member of the Congregational church and considering her years, was an active worker.

The funeral took place from the Congregational church Sunday afternoon, Rev. S. Burman Long preaching the sermon, and a large attendance being present. The pall-bearers were: S. F. Henderson, H.C. Snyder, Ed. C. Daley, A. L. Miller, H.L. Reed and Frank Deuel.

This article, published in the Lusk Herald, is courtesy of the Wyoming Newspaper Project.

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