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Mary Ellen Niver

(09/20/1848 - 01/04/1897)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 01/07/1897

Passed Suddenly Away

The following article, published in the Lusk Herald, is courtesy of the Wyoming Newspaper Project. Although the article uses a first name of Ellen, the gravestone has Mary E. Therefore, the name Mary Ellen was used in this database.

The people of Lusk were surprised on Monday afternoon of the present week to learn of the death of Mrs. Ellen Niver, wife of A. Niver. So sudden was the sad news that it was almost impossible to believe it, but it was true nevertheless. In the morning of that day Mrs. Niver done her washing as was her custom on Mondays, scrubbed the kitchen floor and was busy making pies when all of a sudden she fell to the floor, was picked up by her husband and soon expired in his arms. It was nothing uncommon for her to have fainting spells, and it was at first thought she had only fainted, but medical aid was summoned soon as possible, but to no avail, for she had already expired, the cause being heart disease.

Deceased was born in Wisconsin in 1849, being 48 years of age at the time of her death. In 1867 she was married to Mr. Allen Niver and they remained residents of Wisconsin until six years ago, when they moved to Lusk. The great loss that has been sustained to the heart-broken husband and two children who are left behind is so sad that words fail to express sympathy for them throughout the community.

Mrs. Niver was a woman of high character, an excellent citizen, a kind wife and mother. She was personally known by nearly every one here and her death is universally mourned.

The funeral took place at the Congregational church yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. Ricker, of Chadron, Nebraska, assisted by Rev. Heathcote of this place, appropriate services being rendered, and the remains were afterward escorted to their last resting place in the Lusk cemetery by a large number of sorrowing friends. Peace to her ashes.

Card of Thanks
We take this method of expressing our heartfelt thanks to the many kind friends and neighbors who so willingly and kindly gave us aid during our late bereavement. We sincerely appreciate the kindness you have shown us and hope you may never experience such deprivation.

A. Niver and Family.

Also found in this same issue
Among the relatives of Mrs. A. Niver, who came from abroad to pay their last respects to the one who had departed were Mr. and Mrs. Matt Hargraves of Chadron, Nebraska, and R. C. Hargraves, of Stanton, Nebraska.

The Lusk Herald
January 28, 1897
In Memoriam

The following lines were written on the death of Mrs. A. Niver, by a friend:

Again the white winged angel
Has visited one of our homes,
And bourne our faithful friend
Away to celestial domes.
Though our hearts are torn and bleeding,
And the sun seems not to shine,
Our Father in heaven, Thou knowest,
We submit to Thy will devine.

As we turn about to our busy life,
And pick up its threads again,
We find here some unfinished work
On which her hand has lain.
Her ebbing strength, her thought, her all,
For those she loved were given;
Oh, Savior! give us more such lives,
To lead us home to heaven.

And as we meet for prayer and praise,
A voice is stilled, a vacant chair;
Though silence reigns through Christmas tide,
We still can hear her holy prayer.
Her lip was spotless, good and true,
Helping all with gentlest hand;
Oh, Father! we know it was Thy will
To remove her from our band.

So why should we mourn her loss on earth,
When we know that in heaven above,
Our dear one is walking with angels now,
Praising her God with Love?
'Tis only a step before she has gone,
Beckoning those she waits;
Pleading with Thee, our Savior, tonight,
To admit us through the pearly gates.

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