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Mary Alberta Shippen

(11/30/1888 - 01/21/1921)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 01/28/1921

Mrs. Albert Shippen, Mrs. Fred Rogers Sister, Dies in Sheridan

Some three weeks ago Mrs. Fred Rogers was called to Sheridan on account of the illness of her brother's wife. She found her in a critical condition, with twin babes, about a week old, besides two other children, needing the mother love that cannot be given expression when one is sick unto death.

Mrs. Rogers remained until death came as a great relief to the sufferer, many compliations having developed, and the body was brought to Manville for burial, which occurred there on Saturday afternoon last, many friends of the Shippen and Rogers families driving up from here to attend.

Mr. Shippen will come to Lusk to make his home for the present with his sister, Mrs. Ina Kniten, going into his home and caring for the children. The twins will be cared for by Mrs. Rogers. They were in the hospital for several days but are now located in the Rogers home.

This article, published in the Lusk Standard, is courtesy of the Wyoming Newspaper Project.

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