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Camille Thompson

(12/08/1919 - 06/25/1921)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 07/01/1921

Young Child Eats Arsenic Tablets with Fatal Results

The following, published in the Lusk Standard, is courtesy of the Wyoming Newspaper Project.

The infant daugher of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Thompson got hold of some tablets used for medical purposes and ate them. Death followed in a few hours. It seems the tablets were kept in the upper part of the cupboard, but the eldest child of the family, something like three years of age, climbed up high enough to accure the tablets that looked to the childish mind like candy. It helped itself to them, after holding them in its mouth for a time, spit them out, so we are told. The young one helped itself to the medicine, swallowing the same. When it was found by the parents what had occurred they started with the children for Lusk to secure medical aid, but the younger child died enroute.

A coroner's inquest was held, also an autopsy, to determine the cuase of death, which was pronounced accidental poisoning. The little body was laid to rest in the Kirtley cemetery on Tuesday afternoon. Little Camille Thompson was aged one year, six months and seventeen days. The sympathy of the community go out to the young parents in their bereavment, which is the more severe, coming as it does through accident and without warning.

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Called Back to Lusk By Baby's Death
Mrs. Caroline Perrin of Denver, who had recently left Lusk for her home in Denver, after a visit in the home of her sister, Mrs. Arthur Thompson, was called back to Lusk this week by the death of the Thompson baby.

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