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Alfred "Peddy" Johnson

(05/03/1875 - 08/05/1942)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 08/06/1942

'Peddy' Johnson Dies Suddenly Wed.

Alfred "Peddy" Johnson, pioneer cattleman of this area died Wednesday morning of cerebral hemorrhage. Mrs. Johnson found him unconscious Tuesday morning, not awakening from his sleep. He was taken to the Spencer Hospital but did not regain consciousness. Mr. Johnson was 67.

Funeral services will be held from the Peet Mortuary Friday afternoon.

Mr. Johnson has lived in Niobrara County since 1887 conducting extensive cattle interests and owned three ranches at the time of his death, among which is the old JA6 homesteaded by his brother, Lawrence.

Surviving besides his wife are three children, Roy and Ruth of Lusk and Mrs. Grace Deetjen, who with her husband have come here from Mt. Vernon, Ill.

One brother, Lawrence or "Yoy" as he is familiarly known and with whom "Peddy" was closely associated many years, lives here. One sister, Mrs. Emma Harwell, is flying here tonight from Berkely, Calif. Two other sisters, May Johnson and Ella Johnson of Seattle will be unable to come.

The Lusk Herald
August 13, 1942
Many Attend Last Rites for Alfred Johnson

A crowd that filled the Peet Mortuary to capacity paid final tribute to one of Niobrara County's pioneer stockmen, Alfred "Peddy" Johnson, Friday afternoon. He had died August 5 following a stroke from which he failed to awaken the preceding Monday.

Thus ended the colorful life of one of Niobrara's prominent citizens, a man who grew up as a boy with the town of Lusk, gained extensive livestock interest only to see them vanish before the ravaging of the last depression and now when death came was well on the road to business recovery, still believing in the west and the riches it held for one who would work diligently for them.

He was born at Columbus, Neb. May 14, 1875, where his father, Ellis Johnson, operated a livery stable and elevator.

The father came out to Wyoming in 1884 to start a general store at the old town site above the mine and the family came out in 1887 just after the railroad came through and the present townsite was established. First home of the Johnsons was on the location where Bradley's Electric Shop is now at.

The Johnson family of two boys and four girls thus grew us with the town and "Peddy" attended its first school, but without completing the eighth grade was soon out on the range, he and Henry Petz going up to the Montana border to work several season(s) punching cows when "Peddy" was hardly more than 15.

It was while he was still working on the range that his brother, Lawrence, got the idea of starting a saloon, and though 'Peddy" was just short of being 21 the two started that enterprise and operated it four years, it being quite a reputation with the two that neither drank or smoked while operating the saloon.

The two brothers soon branched out into the cattle business and first main ranch was the old JA6 ranch 30 miles north of Lusk, which Lawrence homesteaded. "Peddy" lived there until marrying Miss Olive Roy in Lusk October 21, 1908.

Shortly later "Peddy" purchased his brother's interest in the ranch and some 4,000 head of cattle and 10,000 head of sheep. He later purchased the Joe McFarlane ranch and the Crinklaw ranch on Hat Creek. In 1918 he was running between seven and eight thougsand head of cattle, and for a time was a stockholder in the Bank of Lusk. The Johnsons have always had a home in Lusk.

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