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Mary Louise Schroefel

(03/09/1854 - 05/24/1922)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald-Standard, 05/30/1922

Mrs. Mary Schroefel, for Many Years Resident of County, Called by Death

Mrs. Mary Schroefel passed away Wednesday morning, May 24, 1922, after a brief illness.

Mrs. Schrofel was a pioneer of Wyoming, having lived here over 35 years and was known to all the old-timers who feel a sadness that another one has answered the call.

Mary Louise Drexell was born in Tamaqua, Pa., on March 9, 1854, and died at the home of her son, Charles Schroefel on May 24, 1922, after an illness of short duration, being only 15 hours. She has made her home with her son Charles since the death of her husband which occurred January 24, 1914.

She was 68 years, 3 months and 15 days old. She was married to John Schroefel on December 15, 1877 at Tamaqua, Pa., at which place they lived for a number of years, her husband being engaged in the bakery business, later moving to Juntion City, Kan., where they stayed until May 22, 1887, when they moved again - this time being to Lusk, Wyoming, at which place they resided until Death called them home.

Three children were born to this union of whom two are living. Charles T. and Edward H. Schroefel, both of Lusk, Wyoming. She leaves to mourn her loss these two sons and a step-daughter, Mrs. Clara Lorenzen, two grandchildren, three brothers and one sister, namely, Mrs. Harry N. Wood of West Graham, Va, Otto J. Drexel of Tamaqua, Pa., James B. Drexel of Junction City, Kan., and Herman Drexel of Reading, Pa.

She was a kind and loving mother and will be greatly missed by her children and grandchildren, whom she dearly loved, besides a host of friends and other relatives who mourn her loss.

The funeral services were held at the Lusk Community church on Friday, May 26, 1922 at 2:00 p.m. with Rev. H. W. Johnson officiating. The remains were interred in the Lusk cemetery beside those of her husband.

The church was crowded with many friends who deeply mourn the loss of a loved member of the community.

The Lusk Congregational choir rendered some beautiful selections - some of them being favorites of the deceased.

The pallbearers were J. W. Newell, Ed Arnold, George Howes, Ralph Olinger, AA. L. Miller and J. D. Lorenzen.

Mourn not the dead, who calmly lie,
By God's own hand, composed to rest.
For Hark! A voice from yonder sky
Proclaims them blest, supremely blest.
With them the toil and strife are o'er,
Their labors end - their sorrows cease.
For they have gained the blessed shore
Where dwells serene, eternal peace.

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