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Loretta L. Serres

(01/10/1943 - 01/14/2011)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 01/27/2011

Loretta L. Quintard-Serres

Memorial services for Loretta L Quintard-Serres were be held Thursday, Jan. 20, 2011 at the Pier Funeral Home in Lusk. Private family interment will be held at a later date.

Loretta L. Serres passed away on Jan. 14, 2011 at her home after a short but courageous battle with cancer.

Loretta L. Quintard was born Jan. 10, 1943 in Harrison, Neb. to Merrill A. and Gertrude "Gerty" E. (Jordan) Quintard, the fifth child - joining her siblings: James Quintard, Bruce Quintard, H. Lloyd Quintard, and Barb Quintard-Joss. Living in rural Sioux County, Neb., she attended a small country school until she and her sister were enrolled in the Assumption Academy in Chadron, Neb. Loretta returned to Sioux County High School, in Harrison, Neb. where she graduated.

On June 1, 1963, Loretta married Robert L. "Bob" Serres. Bob and Loretta traveled, working various places, in their early marriage, and chose to settle at the Serres Ranch in Sioux County, Neb., where they started their family: Renee' Lynn, Cory James, Carol Jean, and Sandra Rose.

In 1973 Loretta and Bob moved their family to Lusk, Wyo., where Loretta worked in various businesses in the community, including Niobrara County School District, cleaning at the local hospital and motels, and babysitting numerous children in Niobrara County. Another task we all recall about Loretta was her using her cosmetology skills for her girlfriends. Loretta was well known in the community for her willingness and strong strength in helping anyone she could. She had great devotion for her husband and her children. She will be greatly missed by her many friends and family.

Loretta is survived by her children: Renee' L. (Jeff) McElroy of Lusk, Wyo., Cory (Shelley) Serres of Lingle, Wyo., Carol J.(John Perrin) Tanner of Lusk, Wyo., and Sandra R. Serres of Lusk, Wyo.; grandchildren Lindsey V. Serres, Allicia J. McElroy of Lusk, Wyo., Broc A. Serres, Brodey W. Serres of Lingle, Wyo., and Sarah B. E. (Joshua) Risner of Emporia, Kan.; Great-grandchildren Dominic and Rayden Risner, her special friend, G. Dean Copeland; numerous nieces and nephews; and brothers, sister, and sisters-in-law Jean Quintard, Jan Serres, and Betty Quintard.

She was preceded in death by her parents; husband, Bob; two infant sons; and her brother, Bruce Quintard.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the family at Lusk State Bank, Lusk WY.

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