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Albert "Uncle Dudley" Day Reed

(05/20/1854 - 09/27/1936)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 10/01/1936

Albert Day Reed

Albert Day Reed was born May 20, 1854, at Metomen, Fon du Lac county, Wisconsin, the eldest son and second child of Warren and Augusta Day Reed. He passed from this life at the Scott hospital, in Torrington, Wyoming, at 8:10 o'clock Sunday evening, September 27, 1936, following an illness of about 10 days, his age being 82 years, 4 months and 7 days.

When a young man, less than 30 years of age, he came west as a sales representative of a farm implement concern, and, attracted by the then virgin country, decided to take up his residence here. He homesteaded in what is now the state of South Dakota, then an immense territory, remaining there for several years.

In 1888, he migrated to this vicinity, then Wyoming territory, and entered the employ of his brother Henry as foreman of the "Emma Ranch," one of the largest sheep-raising outfits of that period. He continued in this capacity for several years and then entered the sheep-raising business for himself. In those days of free range, Mr. Reed grazed flocks from Cheyenne to Deadwood, and for many years never saw a fence between those two points.

His experiences were those of every early-day pioneers. They were many and varied, and were interspersed with hardships, reverses and dangers as well as the more pleasant phases of life. On several occasions during his first years in the West he was forced by circumstances into encounters with the Indians, who resented the coming of the white man.

Mr. Reed was twice married, a son, Warren W., and a daughter, Ruth, being born to the first union. On August 28, 1897, he was married to Miss Alice Marie Worthen, of Versailles, Mo., the ceremony taking place in that city. He returned to Wyoming with his bride immediately after the wedding, and established a home in Lusk. Two daughters, Bonnita Eunice and Bessie Winifred, blessed this union. All four children survive him.

Several years after his second marriage, Mr. Reed acquired a ranch north of Guernsey which became the center of his sheep-raising enterprise and he continued at this occupation until 1912, when a severe blizzard almost completely wiped out his large flocks. He then started in the cattle-raising business, which he actively operated until about three years ago, when he went into retirement from active ranch life and moved to Torrington, where he had since made his home with his sister, Mrs. Josephine Hargraves.

During his many years of residence in this western country, Mr. Reed acquired a trait for which many hundreds of friends have always admired him - the love for friends and association with other persons. He enjoyed conversation and age was no barrier. Among school (children), his was a popular personality, and to many of them he was more familiarly known as "Uncle Dudley," a nick-name he carried for years. With others of more mature age he enjoyed companionship and conversation, and was, even up until the time he was last taken ill, thoroughly interested in and well versed in the more important issues of the day, and was well able to discuss them intelligently. His position and friendly countenance will be difficult to replace.

Surviving Mr. Reed are his son, Warren S., of Guernsey, Wyo., his daughters, Mrs. Bonnita E. Vogel, of Lusk, Wyo.; Mrs. Ruth Sparling of Glendale, Calif.; and Mrs. Bessie W. Robertson, of Torrington, Wyo. The latter has been seriously ill with pneumonia at her home for the past two weeks. Mrs. Alice Marie Reed, wife of the deceased, preceded him in death, passing away at Lusk, Wyoming, July 4, 1928. One brother, Henry L., of Covina, Calif.; and his sister, Mrs. Josephine Hargraves; and four grandchildren survive him. Another brother, Frederick I., passed away at Minneapolis, Minn., about five years ago.

The Lusk Herald
October 15, 1936
Card of Thanks

To the many friends whose thoughtfulness in deed and word came at a time when they were so welcome and needed, during the illness and passing of our beloved father and brother, Albert Day Reed, we desire to express our deepest gratitude. For the assistance given in the final services and for the many beautiful floral tributes, we are likewise most appreciative.

Mrs. Ruth Sparling
Warren S. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Vogel and family
Mr. and Mrs. F. Robertson and family
Mrs. Josephine Hargraves
Henry L. Reed

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