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Robert Joseph Sheaman

(01/28/1920 - 11/08/2011)
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Robert J. Sheaman

LUSK -- Funeral services for Robert J. Sheaman, 91, will be held at 10 a.m. Friday, Nov. 11, 2011, at the Niobrara County Fairgrounds.

He died Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011, at his home.

Pier Funeral Home is in charge of the services.

The Lusk Herald
November 16, 2011
Robert Joseph Sheaman

Robert Joseph Sheaman, age 91, of Lusk, Wyoming died peacefully on Nov. 8, 2011 at his home in Lusk. Robert was born in South Dakota on Jan. 28, 1920 to Herb and Myrtle Sheaman, being one of four siblings: Helen Peterson, Esther Pearson, and Samuel Sheaman. Times were hard during his childhood years, only reaching an 8th grade education in Moss Agate Basin due to financial hardship. Bob started working various jobs around Edgemont, including scooping sand into boxcars for the railroad.

While working on a ranch in Ranchester, Wyoming, he and two cousins, Alfred and Roy Schutt, enlisted in the National Guard on Sept. 25, 1940, with the 34th Infantry Division, 109 Quartermaster Corps. After the National Guard training ended Feb. 10, 1941, his unit entered into active service on Feb. 22, 1941, where they left Edgemont to Camp Claiborne, Louisiana. At that time, their organization was changed to the 34th Division Quartermaster, Company A, where they engaged in primarily truck driving, hauling rations, ammunition, fuel, personnel, or anything else that was authorized. Once the war began Dec. 7, 1941, Bob was stationed first in Ireland, then England, and on to the North African Theater of Operations in Algiers in January 1943. After fighting in Constantine and Tunisia they were shipped to Italy in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations on Sept. 25, 1943. Bob fought in the Naples-Foggia Combat Zone and up through the Rome-Arno battles. He lost his cousin Alfred to battle wounds on April 23, 1945, which broke his heart. He then left Italy July 5, 1945 for Casablanca, North Africa; then to Dakar, French West Africa; to Natal, Brazil; to Buxton, Timehrei International Airport; and then finally back to Miami, Florida on July 14, 1945. To end his career in the military, he was Honorably Discharged as Technician 5th grade, 34th Quartermaster Company, on July 22, 1945. In the three and a half years of overseas duty, he was awarded several Service Medals including: European Theater, African Theater, Middle Easter Theater, American Defense Service Medal, and seven overseas service bars. Bob was a true American who loved his country and quite often would use the quote, "May our Constitution endure through the coming years and may the future administrations refrain from tampering with our Bill of Rights so that future generations might know and enjoy the freedom it guarantees."

Bob returned to Edgemont and married Alice Lucille Pearson of Lusk on Aug. 21, 1946 in a double ceremony with his sister Esther and Alice's brother Earl Pearson. At this time, he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior and never strayed from that chosen path. Bob exemplified a true believer and loved the Lord with every fiber of his being, always putting the Lord first and being an example to those around him.

The beginning of his working career entailed working on oil drilling rigs, highway construction projects, and serving as a hired hand on several local ranches, including the Wasserburger's and Rumney's. Then Bob bought a place around Whitman, Wyoming in 1951, moving later to the Old Holdbrook Ranch in 1958 and working for the Fullerton's, then the Cockreham's, and at the Johnson Sisters' Ranch. He then switched careers to working at gas processing plants, starting at Shawnee, then on to Powder River, to Recluse, and finally Gillette. Bob's final career was working for Service Master cleaning carpets and upholstery, before he retired in 1989. After the death of his beautiful bride of 56 years in 2002, Bob moved to Lusk, Wyoming in August 2003. He spent the next several years working on his small ranch north of Lusk, spending time with his family, attending church meetings, reminiscing with his many friends, acquiring new friends along the way, and making his famous fudge that he shared generously, much to everyone's delight.

Bob had three children, all born at Spencer Hospital in Lusk, Wyoming: Gerald who was born in May 1947, Evelyn who was born in July 1949, and Kerry who was born in March 1954. Bob is survived by his sister Esther, sister-in-law Thora Marie, daughter Evelyn, son Kerry, daughters-in-law Gloria and Debbie, grandsons Todd and Jeff, granddaughters Charlene and Cayenne, and several nieces, nephews, and great-grandchildren. Bob also thought of his many friends as his extended family. A special thanks and deep gratitude would like to be extended to Ralph and Sharon Barndt for all the loving care they gave to Bob.

He is preceded in death by his wife Alice of 56 years, parents Herb and Myrtle, brother Samuel, sister Helen, son Gerald, and son-in-law Cliff Wall.

Services were held in Lusk at the Niobrara Fairgrounds on Friday, November 11 at 10:00 a.m., and interment was in the Lusk Cemetery, with military honors by the Wyoming National Guard. Viewing was held Thursday evening at Pier Funeral Home in Lusk. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Denley Norman Memorial Fund for Kate and Carly at 251B Greasewood Road, Lusk, WY 82225

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Robert and Alice Sheaman - 1946
Robert and Alice Sheaman - 1996
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