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Warren S. Kintigh

(12/16/1889 - 03/26/1939)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 03/30/1939

W. S. Kintigh of Keeline Dies of Internal Injuries

W. S. Kintigh, 48, of Keeline, Wyo., passed away at the Lusk Hospital on Saturday evening, March 25th. On March 18th, while trailing cattle on his ranch near Keeline, Mr. Kintigh was thrown from his horse, and tho he had no immediate pains or broken bones, it was discovered that he was suffering from a slow internal hemorrhage, when he was admitted to the hospital Saturday. He was operated upon Saturday evening, but the ailment had gone too long without discovery, and Mr. Kintigh expired at 3:30 o'clock on Sunday afternoon.

Burial will take place in the Lusk Cemetery on Friday afternoon at 1:30 with the funeral services being under the arrangements of the Peet Mortuary. Rev. Millard H. Marshall will conduct the services.

Mr. Kintigh has lived in Keeline vicinity for the last ten years, and was highly respected by all who knew him. His is survived by his wife and three daughters, Vera Cox, Isabel Coleman and Erdine Couch, a brother, Frank, and a twin brother, Willie, of Miller, So. Dak., three sisters, Jessie Kintigh, of St. Lawrence, So. Dak.; Mrs. Grace Gowdie of Gettysberg, So. Dak., and Bernice Swish, of Huron, So. Dak. A complete obituary will appear in the Lusk Herald next week.

The Lusk Herald

April 6, 1939


Warren S. Kintigh, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Kintigh was born at Miller, South Dakota on December 16, 1889. He passed away at the Lusk hospital, March 26, 1939, at the age of 49 years, 3 months and 10 days.

On December 16, 1914 he was united in marriage to Mae Ellen Parmely at Miller, South Dakota. To this union 5 children, three daughters and two sons were born. The sons, Leonard Eugene at the age of three years, and James Lyle at the age 18 months preceded him in death.

For many years he farmed in South Dakota but moved to Shawnee, Wyo. in 1926 and has resided in or near there since that time. He also worked at acetylene welding for several years. He has resided on a farm near Keeline since 1930.

He is survived by his wife and three daughters, Mrs. Vera Mae Cox, Mrs. Isabel Jessie Coleman and Erdine Adell, two sons-in-law, two grand sons, Glen Allan Cox and Warren Eugene Coleman, three sisters, Jessie Kintigh of St. Lawrence, So. Dak., Mrs. Grace Goudie of Gettysburg, So. Dak., Mrs. Bernice Swab of Huron, So. Dak., his twin brother, Willis of Miler, So. Dak. and Frank of Cloverton, Minn., many other relatives and friends by whom he will be greatly missed.

He was a member of the Congregational Church of Keeline.

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