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Frank Charles Brewer

(07/02/1880 - 07/08/1939)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 07/20/1939


Frank Charles Brewer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Brewer, was born in Iowa, July 2, 1880. He was united in marriage to Nellie V. Johnson on January 15, 1912. to this union were born two children, Rennie Dillon and Guy Brewer, both of Manville.

In March, 1912, they moved to Manville, Wyo., where they have made their home. Mr. Brewer died at the Wheatland Hospital July 8, 1939 at the age of 59 years and six days. He leaves to mourn his loss, his wife, one son, and one daughter, two grand-sons, and two grand-daughters, six sisters, Mrs. Alice Tulles, Lincoln, Nebr.; Mrs. Doris E. Brasford, Tulsa, Okla.; Mrs. Marian Myers, Gregory, S. Dak.; Mrs. Fannie Siney, Denver, Colo.; Mrs. K. Cunningham, Sioux City, Iowa; Mrs. Tim Whitey, Custer, S. Dak.; and Glen Brewer, Lincoln, Nebr.; and a host of friends.

Mr. Brewer was kind not only to his wife and family but to all who knew him.

Services were conducted from the Methodist church at Manville, under the Rev. Homer C. Crisman of Douglas, and Louise Kennedy. The body was sent to Stewart, Nebr., for burial.

Three songs, "In The Garden,", Going Down the Valley," and "Jesus Lover of My Soul" were sung by Mrs. H. D. Howard, Marion Baughn, Ross Howard, and Claire Shippen, with Erma Howard at the piano.

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