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Katrina "Katherine" Buchholz

(03/10/1845 - 03/23/1925)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 03/26/1925

Aged Resident of County Dies At Home of Son


Demise is Hastened by Injuries Sustained When She Suffered a Fall Last Summer

Mrs. Katrina Buchholz, aged 80 years, passed away at the home of her son, John Jassmann, who resides on a ranch near Lusk, Monday, March 23, at midnight.

In spite of her advanced years, Mrs. Buchholz enjoyed good health until last June while on a visit at the K. M. Goebel home at the mines west of town. At that time she fell and sustained internal injuries from which she never recovered although for a time it seemed that recovery was possible. But as the days grew into weeks and months it became evident that with the weight of many years, the end was slowly drawing near.

For the past fifteen years she has made her home with her son, John Jassman and family and has made many friends who will miss the kindly lady. She had been a member of the Baptist church since her early childhood and was devout in her faith to the last.

Her children came to the United States before her, but she followed them in 1905 and lived in South Dakota for five years before coming to this section.

Katrina Buchholz was born at Wohns, Russia in 1845 and was married to Christian Jassman in 1867. To them were born two sons and a daughter, John, Christian and Christina. Then seven years later, after the passing of her first husband, she was married to Michael Buchholz and to this marriage five children were born, Pauline, Lidia, Sophia, Regina and August.

Of the eight children only four are now living: John Jassman of Lusk, August Buchholz of Hat Creek, Mrs. Regina A. Schmierer of Idaho and Mrs. Pauline Blumhagen of Kivere, North Dakota.

Funeral services were held today (Thursday) from the Baptist church, Rev. Carl Fisher officiating. Interment was made in the Lusk cemetery.

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