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Lewis David Lyon

(03/28/1905 - 02/22/1921)
Courtesy of The Lusk Standard, 03/25/1921

High School Youth Takes His Own Life

A terrible tragedy was enacted at the Lyon house in the west part of town, about ten o'clock Tuesday night, when Lewis, the fifteen year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lyon took his own life by taking strychnine.

Lewis seemed to be in his usual good spirits Tuesday and Tuesday evening, and when the news of his rash act was noised over town every one was greatly shocked and could hardly realize that such was the case.

Lewis had helped his mother undress and put the smaller children to bed, and Mrs. Lyon had also retired, when he mixed a dose of strychnine in a glass of water and drank it. This was about 9:30 o'clock. He then went to bed and shortly after his mother heard him moaning and talking. She went to him and saw that he was then in convulsions and asked what he had done. He answered "Nothing." Upon being asked what he had taken he told her to look on the table. Upon investigation a phial of strychnine, and a glass of water told the tale.

Dr. Priest was called, also the father, who was out at the ranch twelve miles from town. The doctor did all in his power to save him, but it was too late, the poison had done its deadly work, and in a short time, about 10:20, his suffering was over.

While the doctor was working with him, he realized what he had done and begged the doctor to save him.

The poor mother and father are heartbroken over the sad affair. The father called in to see us Wednesday and was so distressed he could hardly talk. Why Lewis did it is more than the parents know as his life was a happy one, and his parents were always good and kind to him and no good reason can be assigned for his act.

Funeral services were held at the ducted by Rev. Van Metre - Harrison Sun (as published)

Note: Although based on this publication date, "Tuesday night" would have been March 22, 1921, the date of death was not changed from February 22, 1921 as printed on the headstone, since this article was reprinted in the Lusk Standard from the Harrison Sun, and no original publish date could be determined.

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