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Florence Ann Bannan

(11/16/1890 - 09/29/1973)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 10/11/1973

Hold Graveside Service Here for Florence Bannan

Graveside service for Florence A. Bannan, 82, was held at the Lusk Cemetery October 1. Mrs. Bannan died after a period of illness, September 29 at Crawford, Neb. and funeral service was held at the Congregational Church in Crawford with Pastor Gary Aten officiating.

Florence A. Bannan was born, November 16, 1890, at La Cross, Wisc., to Sidney A. and Hattie Estella Main. Her primary, secondary and some college studies were completed while still living in La Cross. She moved to Node living on a ranch with her parents while still in her teens. She married Roy H. Porter while living on the ranch and to his marriage four children were born, Eileen, Harold, Sammy and Roy. This marriage was later dissolved.

While still living at Lusk Mrs. Porter married Robert Bannan and the two established a home in Crawford. Mr. Bannan died in the spring of 1946. Mr. Bannan's children include Mary McGinnis of Crawford, Robert Bannan of Chadron, William Bannan of Whitney and Richard Bannan of Bishop, Texas.

Mrs. Bannan was an active member of the Woodmen's Circle, Rebekah Lodge, Crazy Horse V.F.W. Auxiliary and the Congregational Church all of Crawford.

Survivors include Eileen Ellis, Edgemont, S. D., Max Porter, Crawford, Sam Porter, Kearney and Roy Porter, Crawford; the four Bannan children; one sister, Mary B. St. John, Portland, Ore., one brother John Main of Port Orchard, Wash., 16 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren.

A memorial has been established at the Crawford Hospital.

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