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Earle Andrew Ellicott

(07/22/1887 - 05/31/1938)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 06/01/1938

Earl Ellicot died at Home Near Harrison

Word was received in Lusk today, (Wednesday) of the death this morning of Earl Ellicot, prominent rancher near Harrison, Nebraska. Mr. Ellicott was well known in Lusk and vicinity.

Early last fall Ellicott was very ill at the Lusk hospital and was in poor health much of the winter, but this spring seemed much improved. A public sale was held at his ranch during the rainy weather of the past week and it is understood that he contracted a cold which quickly developed into pneumonia causing his death this morning.

The Herald reporter is unable to secure further details at this time. An obituary will be secured for the forthcoming issue.

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