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Patrick J. Barrett

(11/30/1856 - 11/03/1939)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 11/16/1939

Father Of F. A. Barrett Passed Away Recently

Attorney Frank A. Barrett returned home last week after being called to Omaha, Nebr., by the illness and death of his father, Patrick J. Barrett, who passed away on Friday, November 3rd.

The deceased was 81 years of age and suffered a broken hip which he received in a fall a week before his passing. Attorney Barrett was then called to his bedside and remained there until Tuesday, when his father's condition was very much improved. Arriving back in Lusk on Wednesday, another message reached here stating that his father's condition had taken a change for the worse. Attorney Barrett again left the following Thursday and arrived at his father's sick room where he passed away Friday afternoon.

Funeral services were conducted from St. Cecelia's Cathedral Monday morning, November 6th and interment was made in St. Mary's Cemetery in Omaha.

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Photo used with permission from photographer Michelle Garrity.

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