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Nancy Irene Quick-Brewer

(12/02/1945 - 08/23/2012)
Courtesy of United States Obituary Collection, 08/30/2012

Nancy was born in Lusk, Wyo., on Dec. 2, 1945, the only daughter of Dale and Eda Quick of Manville, Wyo.

She grew up on the family farm north of Manville until after her father passed away in July 1959. She and her mother, along with stepfather, E. M. Brummett, moved to Loveland, Colo., in 1960. Nancy lived many years in Cheyenne, Wyo., and moved to Minnesota in 2003.

Nancy is preceded in death by her father, Dale D. Quick and mother, Eda L. Pinkerton-Quick-Brummett; brothers, Donald D., Sr. and Wilber L.; late husband, Jim Brewer, whom she married in 1964; and a grandson, James D. "Jamey" - "J.B." Brewer.

She is survived by longtime friend, companion and caretaker, Wayne Van Every; two daughters, Adale M. Brewer-van Dam of El Dorado, Calif., and Patricia "Patty" Brewer-LeVene of Cheyenne, Wyo.; a son, James E. Brewer of Sparks, Nev.; three grandchildren, Calvin D. and Anneke van Dam of El Dorado, Calif., and James E. Brewer, Jr., of Sparks, Nev.; and a great-grandson, Kamran J. Brewer of Cheyenne, Wyo.

Nancy passed away Thursday, Aug. 23, 2012. Cremation has taken place and no services are being held due to her request.

Donations may be made to the American Lung Association for Asthma and C.O.P.D. research.

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