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Janice Lorraine Sturman

(03/31/1939 - 03/05/2015)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 03/11/2015

Janice Lorraine (Podolak) Sturman was born on March 31, 1939 in Lusk, Wyoming to Frank C. and Alice M. (Britton) Podolak. She passed away on March 5, 2015 at Wyoming Medical Center in Casper. She was 75.

She attended Prairie Center School in northern Goshen County through her sophomore year of high school, finishing her high school education at Niobrara County High School in Lusk, graduating in 1957.

Growing up she was a member of 4-H, was a member of judging teams and showed animals at several fairs and shows. She assisted her parents and family in their registered Polled Hereford operation and exhibited at many livestock shows and events across the country.

She worked for Dr. Torkelson in Lusk following graduation. She married Gerald "Jerry" Sturman on June 1, 1958 in Lusk and they moved to the Britton Ranch homestead in the Prairie Center community where they raised three sons, Mark, Kent and Cody.

Janice and Jerry enjoyed ranching, Stock Grower and Farm Bureau activities, were members of the Colorado-Wyoming Polled Hereford Association, were active in various campaigns and were involved in all activities their sons chose to pursue. They traveled to New York City on a beef promotion trip in 1974 with the Wyoming Stock Growers Association. They received great pleasure in supporting their sons in 4-H, sports and school activities, FFA, Vacation Bible School and many others. They chaperoned judging trips, 4-H camp and often hauled cheerleaders to sporting games and matches.

Janice loved being a ranch wife and taking care of her family. Throughout her life she enjoyed cooking and baking, sewing, knitting and embroidery work. She played the accordion in her youth.

Following the death of her husband in 1984, Janice worked with her sons to keep the ranch going. She enrolled in community education classes for computers, accounting and general studies. She worked at Crazy Charlie's, The Covered Wagon Motel and Sagebrush Flower Shop, before opening her own business, Country Garden Floral. She loved working with flowers and plants. She moved closer to town and remained there until her brain surgery in 2007 and later lived at both The Cozy Corner and The Ranger. She enjoyed spending time at the Sunshine Center and the Niobrara Senior Center. Playing bingo was a favorite pastime, as was reading. She enjoyed participating in Bible studies. As she lost some of her eyesight from surgery, she later enjoyed books on tape and large print word searches.

Janice was a life member of the First Congregational Church in Lusk and served on the Board of Deacons. She was a member of BPO Does Drove #64 and the Niobrara County Cowbelles. She served as election judge for her precinct in northern Goshen County for many years.

She was a strong supporter of youth activities and events including the 4-H program, being a 4-H alumni, leader, 4-H Council member and she clerked the Fat Stock Sale for many years. She loved supporting the Legend of Rawhide Pageant and she appeared in many performances. She was honored by the Pageant with a performance dedication. She loved attending local school functions, sporting events, rodeos, county and state fairs and other activities to watch her grandchildren compete, exhibit and participate. She served on the National High School Rodeo Foundation board, assisting with their scholarship program and fund raising activities for many years.

She was preceded in death by her husband, parents and a nephew, Donald Ray Podolak.

She is survived by son Mark and daughter-in-law Heidi Sturman of the family ranch at Lusk, son Kent of Thornton, Colorado and son Cody and daughter-in-law Amy of Cora, Wyoming, six grandchildren; Jessie, Bryce and Sadie Sturman of the family ranch and Alison, Guthrie and Susanna Sturman of Cora, a brother Ronald and sister-in-law Donna Podolak of Laurel, Montana, a niece Deb Podolak Foster of Wibaux, Montana and numerous other nieces, nephews, cousins, an aunt and an uncle.

Funeral services were Wednesday, March 11 at 2 p.m. at the First Congregational Church in Lusk with the Rev. Mark Lohr officiating. Burial was in the Lusk Cemetery with graveside services performed by the Lusk BPO Does Drove #64. Pall bearers were Bryce Sturman, Guthrie Sturman, Lloyd Britton, Greg Britton, Terry Owens, Mike Wade, Troy Hladky and Dale Kaan. Honorary bearers were Jimmy Shane, Gary Jacobson, Carroll Lipp, Paul Soderberg, Everett Kilmer, Ed Baldwin, Bob Blackmore and Bob Hladky. Music was provided by Wanda Hansen, organist and Ross Diercks, soloist.

Memorial contributions to the Wyoming Medical Center Foundation, the Niobrara Health and Life Center Foundation and the Legend of Rawhide Pageant Scholarship Fund would be appreciated by the family.

Pier Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

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Jance Podolak and Gerald Sturman Exchange Wedding Vows in Lusk (The Lusk Herald, June 12, 1958)
Gerald and Janice Sturman Celebrated their 25th Anniversary in June of 1983
Photo by Debbie Rose

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