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Suzanne Rae Sturman

(06/21/1938 - 09/29/2015)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 10/07/2015

Suzanne Sturman, 77, passed away on Tues., September 29 in Boone, Iowa. A Memorial Service is pending. A full obituary will be forthcoming. Memorials can be made to the Niobrara Senior Center, Cards may be sent to Kelly Leichliter, 414 9th St., Boone, IA 50036 or Traci Ellingson, 13848 454th Ave., Summit, SD 57266.

The Lusk Herald
October 14, 2015

Suzanne Sturman, 77, passed away on Tuesday, September 29, 2015, at the Boone County Hospital in Boone, Iowa due to diabetes and heart complications.

A Memorial Service for Suzanne will be held at a later date along with graveside services for both Walt and Suzanne.

Suzanne Rae Demmers was born on June 21st, 1938 in Aberdeen, South Dakota. She was the second child born to Joe and Evelyn (Pfutzenreuter) Demmers. She attended school in Aberdeen and later Huron, SD. Suzanne graduated from Huron High School in 1952. She was active in her church and many activities in School.

Growing up in Aberdeen, Suzanne enjoyed swimming at their lake home and working at the family drive-in. Suzanne attended South Dakota State University and Huron College, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology and psychology.

After college, Suzanne moved to Lusk as the Niobrara County Department of Welfare case worker and later worked for the State of Wyoming Department of Public Welfare. Her secretary was her future mother-in-law, Margaret Sturman. Suzanne married Walter Sturman on December 14, 1964. After living briefly in Wheatland and Riverton, they settled in Lusk and raised two daughters, Kelly and Traci.

After working in social work, Suzanne worked as a secretary for an attorney and Justice of Peace as well as the Niobrara Extension office. In 1977, Suzanne started as the Deputy County Clerk for Niobrara County. Following the retirement of Betty Morgan, Suzanne was appointed as the County Clerk in 1988. The people of Niobrara County chose to have Suzanne serve them as County Clerk until her retirement in 2003. Suzanne loved the challenge of serving the least populated county in Wyoming.

Suzanne was a long time Sunday school teacher at the Lusk Congregational Church and enjoyed being active in her daughters' activities. She was an FHA Chapter Mother for 8 years and a 4-H leader for over 14 years. Suzanne enjoyed serving as a Bethel council member for Jobs Daughters Bethel #10 in Lusk and was active in Eastern Star as well. Suzanne was a member of the American Public Welfare Association, Wyoming Conference of Social Welfare and was chosen for the Outstanding Young Women of America in 1970. She was a member of Lusk Rebekkah Lodge #12 and the Wyoming Parents Advisory Council for Headstart Program. She served as the secretary/treasurer of the Wyoming State County Clerks Association for 4 years and on the Wyoming Revision of the Election code committee.

Many years were spent accompanying her husband Walt on trap shooting trips, playing cards and visiting with other shooters and their families. Suzanne also enjoyed crafts, crocheting, reading and word searches in her spare time.

Suzanne is preceded in death by her parents, Joe and Evelyn Demmers, husband Walter Sturman of Lusk and brother Donald Edward Demmers of Omaha, NE.

She is survived by daughters Kelly Leichliter of Boone, IA and Traci (Shawn) Ellingson of Summit, SD; sister Diane Jacoby of Mission Viejo, CA, sister-in-law Susan Demmers of Sioux Falls, SD, brother-in-law James Grisham of Casper, WY, brother-in-law and sister-in-law Harold and Linda Sturman of Laurel MT, grandchildren Amanda (Tony) Williams, CJ (Kahola) McKinnery, Brittany (Andy) McKinney, Dawnece Leichliter, Jared Storms and Raelee Ellingson, and great-grandson Cash Williams as well as numerous nieces, nephews and friends.

Memorials can be made directly to the Niobrara Senior Center. Cards may be sent to Kelly Leichliter 414 9th St., Boone, IA 560036 or Traci Ellingson 13848 454th Ave., Summit, SD 57266.

The Lusk Herald
November 4, 2015
Suzanne Sturman Notice

Memorial services for Suzanne Sturman, 77, will be held at 1:00 P.M. Sat., Nov. 7, 2015, at the Congregational Church in Lusk. Suzanne passed away Tues., Sept. 29, 2015, in Boone, IA.

Graveside services at Lusk Cemetery following the Memorial service will be for Suzanne and her husband, Walter, who passed away June 25, 2015, in Lusk.

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Walt and Suzanne celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 2014
Photo by Debbie Rose

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