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Minnie Bertha Berger

(07/29/1888 - 06/02/1974)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 06/05/1974

Mr. Heumier's Sister Dies in Moorcroft

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heumier of Lusk and Mrs. Harriet Heumier of Cheyenne
were attending the funeral service of Mr. Heumier's sister, Mrs. Minnie Berger at Moorcroft this Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. Berger, 86, died at her ranch home near Oshoto on Sunday. She is survived by her son, Harry, one granddaughter, two grandsons, three great-grandchildren and many nieces and nephews.

Burial at Pine Grove Cemetery, Oshoto, Wyoming

Other relatives from Lusk are Levern James, a nephew, and Mrs. Virgil Martin, a niece.

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