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Dr. Richard W. Collins

(05/16/1933 - 06/24/1980)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 06/26/1980

Dr. R. W. Collins

Dr. Richard W. Collins, Lusk dentist for nearly 23 years, died Tuesday at Fountain Valley, California.

Collins, 61, retired from his practice of dentistry in June, 1977. He had begun his Lusk practice in August, 1954, after purchasing it from Dr. James Hunter. Due to his health, Dr. and Mrs. Collins have been living in California since his retirement.

Before coming to Lusk, Collins had practiced in Casper for five years and served in the Army Dental Corps during the Korean War. He and his family came to Lusk after his discharge from the army.

While living in Lusk, Dr. Collins was active in the Episcopal Church, the Elks Lodge, and the Niobrara Country Club.

Funeral service arrangements were pending at Herald press time.

Collins' address is 17075 A San Bruno St., Fountain Valley, Calif., 92708.

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