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Michael "Mike" Cordell

(08/21/1892 - 04/05/1973)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 04/12/1973

Mike Cordell Dies Thurs. in Head-on, Three Are Injured

Michael Cordell, 80-year-old Lusk resident was killed, and a 16 year-old youth, Steven F. Seltenreich, Eagle Lake, Minn., is still hospitalized in Casper with a compound fracture of the leg received in a two-car head-on-collision at 7:30 last Thursday morning just north of Lusk on Highway 85.

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Seltenreich's leg has been operated on twice since the accident. He, his brother Ron Seltenreich (17), and Gary Alan Garbuckle (21), St. Paul, Minn, passengers with Seltenreich, were treated at the Niobrara County Hospital and then the Seltenreich brothers were taken to Casper. Garbuckle is still hospitalized here. Investigating Officer Eldon Alexander, Highway Patrol, did not know the extent of Gary Seltenreich's injuries.

Patrolman Alexander declined to comment on the direction the vehicles were traveling saying the accident is still under investigation, and he expects to talk with Steven Seltenreich later this week. Steven had undergone his second surgery Monday.

Mr. Cordell frequently took an early morning drive and was driving his 1955 Ford Station Wagon. The impact occurred in the northbound lane. Mr. Cordell died of chest injuries. An autopsy was performed.

After the impact the Ford was setting facing south on the east side of the highway. Mr. Cordell's body was partially ejected with his leg pinned between the seat and door jam.

The 1967 Pontiac driven by Seltenreich came to a stop in the middle of the highway facing north. None of the youths were thrown out. Steven was pinned under the steering wheel.

The Seltenreich brothers are employed by True Drilling in Rock Springs. Garbuckle was a hitchhiker. Both Ron Seltenreich and Garbuckle were asleep when the accident occurred.

Funeral in Denver

Funeral service for Michael Cordell was held Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. at the Holy Ghost Catholic Church in Denver, Colo. He was buried near a brother Frank in the Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Denver.

Mr. Cordell was born to John B. and Elizabeth Cordell at Sauk Center, Minn., August 21, 1892.

He was a veteran of World War I and has lived in the Lusk area since 1921. Survivors include one brother and three sisters.

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