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Charles "Chad" Alford DeCastro

(12/15/1911 - 04/20/2004)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 04/28/2004

Charles "Chad" Alford DeCastro

In the rough and tumble plains of eastern Wyoming, in the small town of Hat Creek, Charles Alford DeCastro was born on December 15, 1911

His parents, Frank W. and Annie May, settled in Lusk where the family became a fixture of the community. His father was a rancher, town constable, and leader of the town band whose members consisted of his family.

As the 11 child of 14, Chad always held his siblings in highest regard and later often recalled his experiences fondly. Mealtime in the early years was a site to behold. Chad could scarcely remember a time that guests and friends didn't join them at supper. He spent mornings rounding loose pigs from the courthouse lawn. Chad was an all-around athlete in high school, participating in baseball, basketball, and boxing. In his high school annual, he was described by a quote, which asked "How could I grow with the weight of the whole world on my shoulders?"

He graduated in 1929 and left home for the first time in a Model T. to attend Taft University in California. After graduating he returned to Lusk and worked in various jobs including a dealer and pit boss at the Buckaroo casino.

In 1940 Chad married the love of his life, Miss Mary Katherine Konrath, who was known to most as Kay. During WWII, Chad worked for Douglas Air Craft in Long Beach, Calif. as a draft designer. After the war Chad and Kay owned and operated theaters in Colorado, including the Moon in Stratton, the Peerless in Holyoke and the CHAKA in Julesburg. Always the charmer, Chad would warmly greet each movie patron as they entered his theaters, displaying an elegant, old-time quality not often seen today.

Known for having a spring in his step, he took on various responsibilities, including one as a mail carrier for the U. S. Post Office. In 1982 he and his wife retired, enjoying time traveling. In 1999 they moved to Tucson to enjoy the sunshine.

Chad passed away on April 20, at the age of 92 and will be laid to rest at Holy Hope Cemetery. He was the last surviving member out of all his 14 siblings and followed one son, Sam and his wife of 62 years, Kay, who passed away in 2002.

In death he left behind a large family, countless memories and a resounding example of how to lead a good and fulfilling life, which, will last for generations to come. Anyone who knew Chad would agree that he had an uncanny gift for relating his life's adventures, and listening to these anecdotes was one of the most enjoyable of experiences for his family and friends. He will be missed.

Chad is survived by three sons; Charles DeCastro of Wichita, Kan.; John and Jim DeCastro, both of Tucson, Ariz.; two daughters Kathy Woodrick of Denver, Colo.; and Mary Collins of Tucson, Ariz.; eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

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Charles "Chad" Alford DeCastro

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