Niobrara County News


N.C. Library Foundation Chair Leslie Hammond has announced that the group has reached the 89% mark toward their goal of raising $250,000 in the Kresge Challenge Grant. An anonymous donor recently gave an irrevocable planned gift of $50,000, which gave a huge boost to the effort. “A lot of people have given generously, but we’re not quite there yet,” said Leslie. “If there is anyone in the community who has been hesitating, not sure if we’d reach the Challenge Grant goal, we’re hoping that they’ll go ahead and bring their check in to the library now. We’re really getting close, with only $25,935.35 left!”

If the $250,000 goal is reached, the Kresge Foundation will match that amount with a donation of $83,333.33. The Niobrara County Library Foundation was chosen through a competitive process by the Kresge Foundation and the Wyoming Community Foundation to participate in the “Partnership to Raise Community Capital.”

The Niobrara County Library Foundation Endowment is a fund created to provide a permanent source of support to the library. The local foundation board established endowment in April of 2000 through the Wyoming Community Foundation with a goal of 1.5 million by 2015. Currently all income generated in the fund is reinvested until the goal is met. Once the long-term goal is met the fund will provide a stable income of potentially up to 95% of the library’s annual budget for the library for perpetuity.

The funds must be received by December 29th to count toward the Kresge Challenge Grant. For more information on this project call any member of the Kresge Challenge Grant Campaign Team: Leslie Hammond, 334-2534 Lynn Carlson, 334-3306, Linda Decker, 334-3738, Keni Cundall, 334-3684, Debbie Sturman at the Niobrara County Library, 334-3490.