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Marjorie Kaan

(09/18/1900 - 06/24/1990)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 06/27/1990

Marjorie Ord Kaan

Funeral services for Marjorie Ord Kaan will be held June 30 at 11 a.m. at the Congregational Church in Lusk. Mrs. Kaan died June 24 at the Niobrara County Memorial Hospital.

Marjorie Ord Kaan, the eldest daughter of Robert Charles and Mayme Ord, was born in Lincoln, Neb., on Sept. 18, 1900. Her father was a professor at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

In 1902, her father resigned his position at the university, and the family moved to Rawhide Buttes, Wyo. Robert Ord and Mrs. Ord's brother, John Agnew, had purchased the Rawhide Butte Ranch at the foot of the little butte, southwest of Lusk from Mrs. Russell Thorp. The ranch has previously been a stage station on the Cheyenne to Deadwood Trail.

Russell Thorp Jr. met Robert and Mayme Ord and little Marjorie at the train depot in Lusk, and took them to their new home in a stagecoach, drawn by a four-horse team. That stagecoach is now in the Stagecoach Museum in Lusk.

The family moved into Lusk when little Marjorie was ready for school. When Marjorie was a senior in high school, because of her mother's health, the family moved to Omaha, Neb. Marjorie was graduated from Omaha High School in 1918, and entered the University of Nebraska the following September. She later attended the University of Omaha, and also Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio.

In 1923, Marjorie Ord and George Darrow were married. They lived for a time in Osage, Wyo., then Lewiston, Mont., and later Tulsa, Okla. In 1928, they moved to Rochester, N.Y., where they made their home until 1945 when they returned to Wyoming.

Marjorie's husband, George Darrow, died in 1948.

She was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star and P.E.O. Sisterhood, and a long-time member of the Congregational Church of Lusk.

In 1952, she married Menno Kaan, who preceded her in death in 1984. She is survived by her two sisters; Gertrude Chamberlain and Jeanette Sager, both of Lusk, and her two sons, George Darrow of Bigfork, Mont. and Robert Darrow, Lakewood, Colo.; seven grandchildren and two great-granddaughters, also one nephew, Harry Charles Sager of Houston, Texas; one great-niece, one great-nephew, and one great-great-nephew.

Memorials to the Congregational Church or to the Niobrara Memorial Hospital will be appreciated.

Peet Mortuary is in charge of the arrangements.

Lusk Herald
July 11, 1990
Marjorie Ord Kaan

Funeral services for Marjorie Ord Kaan were held on Saturday, June 30, 1990 at 11 a.m. at the Congregational Church in Lusk, Wyo. Rev. Allen Kallenbach officiated; organist was Wanda Hansen, and soloist was Joy Kaltenheuser.

A biography of the life of Mrs. Kaan was given by her son Bob Darrow of Lakewood, Colo. Remarks were made by her grandson Roy Darrow of Powell, and her grandson-in-law Tracy Weigum of Littleton, Colo. A memorial, the Marjorie Kaan Memorial Concert Fund, was explained by her eldest son George Darrow of Bigfork, Mont.

Pallbearers were her grandsons Roy Darrow and Reed Darrow, Kalispell, Mont.; John Darrow, Mead, Wash.; Tracy Weigum, and Andy Barnette and Ron Pfister, both of Lusk.

Honorary pallbearers were Dale Bardo, Gerry Bardo, Bucky Barnette, Norman Call, Cecil Kaan, Jim Thompson, and Russ Thompson, all of Lusk; Jim Barrett and Jim Griffith of Cheyenne; and Gordon Kaan of Kerrville, Texas. Interment was at the Lusk Cemetery.

Other survivors include granddaughters Karen Darrow of Billings, Mont., Cathy Weigum of Littleton, Colo.; Diana Darrow of Vail, Colo.; Wendy Darrow of Hermosa Beach, Calif.; two great granddaughters; Pamela, daughter of Roy and Jeanne Darrow, and Blair, daughter of Tracy and Cathy Weigum; two sister, Gertrude Chamberlain and Jeanette Sager, both of Lusk; a nephew, Harry Sager of Houston, Texas; a grand niece and nephew and a great grand nephew. Two husbands, George W. Darrow and Menno C. Kaan preceded her in death.

Out-of-town guests included Jennifer Page, Cheyenne, daughter of Mary Ellen Kaan; Dennis and Cheryl Kaan, Laramie, son and daughter-in-law of Mary Ellen Kaan; Laura Lee Luchee, Scottsbluff, Neb.; daughter of Gordon and Dorothy Kaan; Terry and Louise Kaan, Cheyenne, son and daughter-in-law of Gordon and Dorothy Kaan; Mr. and Mrs. Bus Gautschi and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jack all of Casper; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Griffith of Cheyenne; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Redding, Ms. Phyllis Jack and Mrs. Bob Darrow, all of Denver; Mrs. Reed Darrow of Kalispell, Mont.; Leon Chamberlain, Leonard Chamberlain and Roy Chamberlain, all of Douglas.

Contributions may be made to the Memorial Concert Fund or the Educational Scholarship Fund in care of the Congregational Church in Lusk.

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See Agnew Family History in the Historical Section. Marjorie is the baby sitting on her mother's lap.
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