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Dustin Arthur Lauer

(03/16/1975 - 03/14/1991)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 03/20/1991

Dustin Arthur Lauer

Services for Dustin Arthur Lauer, 15, of Laramie, Wyo., were held Tuesday, March 19, 1991 at 2 p.m. at the First Christian Church with Pastor Mahlon Dixon officiating. Donations may be made to the "Dustin Lauer Gymnastics' Memorial Fund" at the Bank of Laramie, 2836 Grand Avenue, Laramie, Wyo. 82070.

Lauer died Thursday, March 14, 1991, at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, Colo., from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. He was born in Laramie on May 16, 1975. His father and step-mother are Warren and Judy Lauer of Laramie and his mother and step-father are Jessie Boner Walduck and Phillip Walduck of Cheyenne.

Lauer grew up in Laramie, attending Linford Elementary and Laramie Junior High School. He and his sister, Shannon, along with Warren and Judy Lauer spent one school year in Torrington, Wyo., where he attended his freshman year of school. He was currently a sophomore at Laramie High School.

During his school years, Lauer was active in and enjoyed youth soccer, youth football and junior high track. He was a member of the grade school and junior high bands and played the alto saxophone. After returning to Laramie from Torrington, he became a member of the Laramie High School Gymnastics Team as a first-year gymnast, working ring routines under the direction of Coach Raleigh Wilson Sr.

During his younger years, Lauer attended Sunday School and church at the First Baptist Church of Laramie. He accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior through celebration and baptism at the First Christian Church of Laramie on April 24, 1988, and was a member of that church.

Having a love and zest for life, Lauer enjoyed many activities. In addition to riding his motorcycle, his most favorite activity was gymnastics. He also enjoyed skiing, bow and archery, woodworking, riflery, remote controlled model airplane flying and collecting and listening to popular music.

Other outdoor activities that he took pleasure in were camping and fishing. He enjoyed the many vacations, travel and companionship with all of his parents, brother, sisters and grandparents.

It was Dustin's wish that his vital organs be donated so that someone else could have life.

He was preceded in death by numerous relatives including an uncle, Jordy Boner; great-grandmother, Izetta Boner; great-grandparents, Loren and Lizzy White; great-uncle, Raymond Schmidt; step-great-grandparents, Eric and Helen Olson; great-uncle, John Lauer; step-brother, Erik Goodwin.

Survivors include his father and step-mother, Warren and Judy Lauer of Laramie; his mother and step-father, Jessie Boner Walduck and Phillip Walduck of Cheyenne; a sister, Shannon Lauer of Cheyenne; step-sisters, Jodie Goodwin and Lauri Kelly of Lewiston, Idaho, Sara Walduck and Suzanne Walduck of Cheyenne and a brother, Aaron Goodwin, Lewiston.

Also surviving are grandparents; Arthur and Rema Lauer of Lusk; Dick and Dorothy Foster of Laramie; Ed and Polly Boner of Lusk and Phyllis Walduck of England; aunts and uncles, Diana and Larry Larson of Gillette; Trudy and Karl Boner of Cheyenne and Charlene Boner of Laramie; numerous great-aunts and uncles, primarily in Wyoming, Nebraska and California; cousins, Kirk and Kevin Haas of LaGrange; Jess Ketcham of Cheyenne; Kara and Michael Larson of Gillette, Stacy Christiansen of Laramie; Travis, Tyler and Timmy Simpson of Laramie; Stephanie McCracken of Laramie; Cory, Nicole and Cameron Foster of Laramie; second cousin, Dale Schmidt of Merna, Neb.; step-niece, Betty Jo Goodwin and step-nephew, Marshall Kelly, both of Lewiston.

Pallbearers were Kara and Michael Larson, Kirk and Kevin Haas, Jess Ketcham, Scott Hanson and Raleigh Wilson Jr.

Honorary pallbearers will be fellow team members of the Laramie High School Gymnastics Team and Rob Schutterle, Neil Hanson, Jake Hoopes, Dustin Jacobs and Alan Harding.

Funeral arrangements were under the direction of Bussell-Stryker-Wells Funeral Home. Interment was at Greenhill Cemetery, Laramie, followed by an open reception at the First Christian Church.

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