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Clara Katherine Pedley Paisley

(05/17/1903 - 10/30/1998)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 11/16/1998

Clara K. Paisley

Services for Clara K. Paisley were held November 2, 1998 at the United Methodist Church of Ocheyedan, Iowa with the Rev. John Poe officiating. Clara passed away Friday, October 30 at the County View Manor in Sibley, Iowa at the age of 95. Burial was in the Ocheyedan Township Cemetery, Ocheyedan.

Clara Katherine Pedley Paisley was born on May 17, 1903 in Ocheyedan the daughter of Samuel Wallace and Nellie (Boyd) Paisley. Clara was raised in Ocheyedan and graduated from Ocheyedan High School with the class of 1922.

Clara went on to receive her normal school training certificate and taught country school for two years before her marriage to Joe Pedley on June 10, 1925 in the Methodist Parsonage in Ocheyedan. Following their marriage, they farmed in Ocheyedan area and were blessed with two sons, Robert and Merle. After sixteen years of marriage Clara lost her husband Joe from injuries he sustained in a farming accident. After Joe's death, Clara and her sons, ages twelve and fourteen, were able to continue farming thanks to help from family and friends and a wonderful landlord.

In the mid-1950"s, Clara met Donald Paisley, a rancher from Node, Wyoming. Clara and Don were married on September 3, 1957 in Fort Collins, Colo. They made their home on the ranch near Node, and their marriage merged two families into a very loving relationship.

Clara thoroughly enjoyed living in Wyoming and after Don passed away in 1968, she continued to live on the ranch before she felt it was time to return to Ocheyedan in 1973.

In her later years Clara spent much of her time crocheting and tatting items she would give to family and friends. She was known as a fine cook and an excellent baker.

She was a member of the Node Homemakers club and of the United Methodist Church of Ocheyedan. In July, Clara's health began to fail and in August she became a resident of County View Manor in Sibley.

Surviving are her two sons and daughters-in-law, Robert and Luella Pedley and Merle and Sally Pedley of Ocheyedan; along with Don's family, daughter-in-law Juanita Paisley of Casper, Wyo.; son Garry Paisley and wife, Maxine, of Wheatland; two daughters Wyoma Siemsen of Van Tassell, Donna Peterson and her husband Mahlon of Torrington. Clara is also survived by her own ten grandchildren, sixteen great-grandchildren; three great-great-grandchildren along with Don's eight grandchildren; ten great grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren; her sister Lyrell Thomas of Sibley, Iowa and three sisters-in-law.

Clara was preceded in death by her first husband, Joe Pedley; second husband Donald Paisley, step-son Richard Paisley, three brothers, Kenneth, Harold and Lorimer Paisley.

Honorary casket bearers were Joe Pedley, Rhonda Walinga, Cynthia Range, Lylah Kreis, Judy Bonnstetter, Judy Gore, Rick Paisley, Brenda Zimmerman, Nyone Perry, Synthia Maginnis, Eric Peterson, Clay Peterson and Katha Vetruba.

Active casket bearers were Jerry Pedley, Kevin Pedley, Keith Pedley, Ryan Pedley, Arlyn Pedley and Harlan Bonnstetter.

Blessed be her memory.

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