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Beryl E. Fullerton

(05/02/1903 - 11/11/1965)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 11/18/1965

Commissioner Beryl Fullerton Dies Thursday

Beryl E. Fullerton, 62, chairman of the Niobrara County Board of Commissioners, and longtime resident and rancher of the county, died of a heart attack Thursday night while attending the American Legion Veterans' Day banquet and dance.

He had been aware of a heart condition for some time, but has maintained an active life still following such sports as roping and doing vigorous ranch riding and work. And though he had complained of some backache Thursday night, he danced several times and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the crowd. He and his wife Edna have for years enjoyed the community dances of this area.

Mr. Fullerton was sitting at a table talking with Oscar Bostrom when he collapsed and death was almost instantaneous. Harold Rogers rushed for the Fire Department resuscitator and Dr. D. W. Rust was called. Thinking that he had possibly just fainted, some of the crowd worked at making him comfortable.

His death takes from the community a vigorous exponent of community development and improvement. As a county commissioner he was instrumental in clearing up considerable current county indebtedness and setting the county government on a sound financial course. In serving on the county school board he helped to build the fine Niobrara education system, and most recently he spoke out strongly as county commissioner for the county hospital bond issue, which was passed.

In all Mr. Fullerton served as a county commissioner for nine years.

He served as a member of the school board at Manville for a number of years and when the county was reorganized into a single district he was one of the men selected on the first board. He served on the Niobrara County board from 1948 through 1956. It was during those years that the schools went through a major building program.

He was re-elected to the board of county commissioners in 1964 even though he often said he really didn't want the job. He didn't file for the position until a few days before the filing closed.

Born in Nebraska

He was born in Atkinson, Nebr., May 2, 1903 the second child of Ernest and Maude Fullerton. In May 1914 the Fullerton family took up a homestead in the Jireh community. He was graduated from the 8th grade in the Jireh public school. He took two years of his high school work at Jireh College and completed his education at Manville High School. During his high school years he was active in athletics and despite his lack of height gained honorable mention as an all-state basketball player in 1921.

Livestock and especially horses were a great love for Beryl and after high school he started ranching with his father and older brother, Lysle. He remained on the homestead until his marriage to Edna Sims on June 7, 1927 in Douglas.

In 1931 Fullerton purchased the Sherman ranch north of Jireh. This ranch became their main interest until the time of his death even though a few years ago they also purchased the W. D. Miller ranch north of Lusk. In his later life Mr. Fullerton became interested in the banking business and for a time served as director of the Lusk State Bank.

He was an active member of Harmony Masonic Lodge at Lusk, Lusk Elks Lodge, Lusk Lions Club, Niobrara Roping Club, had served on the Board of Trustees of the Congregational Church and was presently holding the office of Worthy Patron of the Order of Eastern Star.

Funeral Monday

Rev. James Davis of the Congregational Church officiated at the funeral service. Monday held from the Peet Chapel. Many stood outside as the Chapel proved too small for all those who wished to pay their last respects.

Eastern Star services were held at the Chapel with Jackie DeGroot singing, "Rock of Ages." Masonic services were held at the grave in the Lusk Cemetery with C. E. Marvin presiding as worshipful master.

A mixed group of Mrs. Merle Hahn, Mrs. R. C. Bafford, Mrs. Dale Bardo, Mrs. Harmon Templeton, Gerald Bardo, Lee Johnsonbaugh, James Wilson, Dale M. Bardo, Robert Reichert, and Mrs. Jim Griffith Jr. sang, "The Lord is my Shepherd" and "O Lord Support Us." Mrs. Gerald Bardo was organist.

Pallbearers were Neil Grant, Bill Nuttal, Jess York, Dr. James Smylie, Alvin Alexander, LaVonne Pfeifer.

Honorary pallbearers were Cecil Tyron, S. E. West, Lee Johnsonbaugh, Red Bafford, Paul Percival, John Goddard, Harold Rogers, William Miller, O. E. Bible, J. P. Watson, George Sylvester, Dick Lee, Wayne Bible and Everett Brooks.

Mr.Fullerton is survived by his widow, Edna; one son, Dale of Lusk; two daughters, Mrs. Della Coon of Kirk, Colo. and Donna of Cottey College, Nevada, Mo; two sisters, Mrs. Hazel Carpenter of Powell and Mrs. Edith Bone of Lusk, two brothers, Lysle of Lusk and Ivan of Riverton; and six grandchildren. His parents, one sister, Mrs. Reba Elkin, and two brothers, Don and Dale, died previously.

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Beryl E. Fullerton
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