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Samuel "Bebe" Charles Reed

(08/08/1936 - 03/27/2003)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 04/03/2003

Samuel C. "Bebe" Reed

A funeral service for Samuel "Bebe" Reed, 66, of Lusk was held April 1, 2003, at the Niobrara County Fairgrounds, with Pastor Mark Lohr officiating. Interment will follow in the Lusk Cemetery.

Samuel "Bebe" Reed died March 27, 2003, in Scottsbluff, Neb.

Samuel Charles Reed was born Aug. 8, 1936, in Douglas, Wyo., the son of Walter and Mildred Reed. Sam was nicknamed soon after by his older brother Walt, who could not say baby. Bebee soon became Bebe and his lifelong name.

In 1945, after losing their father and husband, Mildred and boys moved to Douglas from the 77 Ranch. Every summer, Bebe and Walt worked at the 77 Ranch. Most of Bebe's schooling was in Douglas, graduating with the class of 1954.

Bebe's love of sports became evident during his school years. There were many hard fought football and basketball games between Douglas and Lusk, with cousins playing on both teams.

After attending one year of college at the University of Wyoming, Bebe joined the army, serving for two years. After his military service, Bebe went to work for his uncle Ray and Bernice Reed on the 77 Ranch.

Bebe married Merna Mae Hennebeck on July 23, 1960, at the Congregational church in Lusk. Their first home was an apartment in Lusk, where their first daughter, Dawn, was born. Later they moved to the 77 Ranch, where the addition of daughter Roxie took place.

After a year Bebe and family moved to the Rawhide Buttes, working for Shorty Milligan for three years. It was here son Tye was added to Bebe's family.

Continuing Bebe's love for cows and ranching, Bebe's dreams led him to the Zimmerman Ranch, a portion of the Pfister Ranches.

Soon after daughter Noni arrived. Merna told Bebe there would be no more moving because every time they moved a baby was born.

Bebe's life long dream of leasing his own ranch became a reality during this time. While working for Pfisters and leasing the Walker place, he spent hours on horseback with his children and fellow cowboys calving, sorting and trailing cows from Cornell to Old Woman and on to the Longly and Wheeler Ranches. On weekends the kids and Bebe got to go to the Kelly, Bull, Upper Greasewood and Dunn pastures to do the same thing with his cows. As the sorting of heavy cows occurred, Merna being better at "Riding the Rubber," provided the warm pickup with coffee, cookies and goulash, always a happy moment for a break on those cold, windy and snowy days.

In the fall of 1978, Bebe and Merna moved to town with their kids. Bebe, Walter, and Peewee joined forces leasing land for their cows. Several wild stories could be told by these three.

In 1985, Bebe was appointed Niobrara County Sheriff. He held this office for the next six years. During this time, Bebe organized the building and supervision of the Niobrara Detention Center. After a disappointing election, Bebe then began a challenging job putting his mechanic abilities to work building furniture for KW Picnic Tables. After a few mishaps with his fingers, Bebe decided he had a better gift of persuasiveness and tried his hand at selling vehicles for Wasson Chevrolet. Then in 1999, he put his bid in for Niobrara County Sheriff and represented the county in that capacity until March 27, 2003.

He was a member of several organizations, The Wyoming State Sheriffs, Wyoming Peace Officers, Wyoming National Sheriffs' Association and sat on the OJJDP board which began in 2000. Bebe was president of the Niobrara Roping Club 1964-1976, president of the Niobrara Feeders Association, 4-H Council president, member of Elks Lodge #1797, member of St. George's Episcopal Church, and was an active member of the Rawhide Pageant group.

Many audiences recognized Bebe's voice when he announced the yearly 4-H Beef show, ropings, fair rodeos, ranch rodeos, team penning and gymkhanas. Bebe's knowledge of the participants added humor and kept audiences entertained, never leaving a word left unsaid.

The highlights of Bebe's life were his wife, children and grandchildren. Bebe's love for his family and friends was never ending. The values he taught, the love he shared, and his support, helping hand, and advice will always be cherished. He had a way of making you feel special, even if you met him once. Bebe's love for his children and grandchildren made him one of the biggest fans of all the Tiger sports and activities. Bebe's pride of his children's and grandchildren's accomplishments filled his heart with everlasting joy.

Bebe is survived by his wife, Merna; three daughters, Dawn Sides, Roxie Nelson, and Noni Weber; one son, Tye; five granddaughters, Bailie and Brandi Sides, Amy and Erin Nelson and Hailie Weber; three grandsons, Ryan and Dustin Nelson and Haize Weber; and numerous family members and friends.

He was preceded in death by his father, Walter, mother Mildred, and brother Walter.

Cicmanec-Pier Funeral Home in Lusk was in charge of arrangements.

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Bebe Reed, new Niobrara County Sheriff, 1984
This Reed Family Gathering took place in Douglas on Thanksgiving day at the home of Mrs. Frankie Hern. Members of the family of Mrs. Effie Reed pictured here, left to right are: (seated) Mrs. Effie M. Reed, Mrs. Jim Reed, Mrs. Bud Watson, Mrs. Joe Reed, Mrs. Mildred Reed; (second row) Steve Reed, Mrs. Ray Reed, Joan Reed; (third row) Joe Reed, Ray Reed, Mrs. Hern, Jim Reed, Tommy Reed, Walter Reed, Bud Reed, Sam Reed, Bud Watson and Bill Hern.

Gravestone photos courtesy of the Joshua Brackett Eagle Scout Project.

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