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Edwin "Ed" Weston Stigile

(12/04/1880 - 07/01/1948)
Courtesy of Johnny & Margaret Thon Files, 07/01/1948

Ed W. Stigile Succumbs to Kidney Ailment this Evening; Resident in County for 36 Years; Well Known

Thon book No. 4

Seriously ill from a kidney ailment for the past three weeks, and under medical surgical treatment for the past 19 days, Edwin Weston Stigile, well known farmer and rancher of the Divide community died at 7:07 o'clock this (Thursday) evening at Spencer Hospital. According to members of the family, he had been semi-conscious condition most of the day. He had undergone an operation for the removal of kidney stones Monday, and his condition had been pronounced satisfactory until this morning.

Members of his family had been called last week when his condition was believed to be critical, and it was then that he decided to submit to the operation.

Surviving Mr. Stigile are his widow, Mollie; two sons, Robert of Nampa, Idaho, and Willis of Ainsworth, Nebr.; two daughters, Mrs. Helen Surrat, of Cheyenne, Wyo., and Mrs. Norma Rae Craig of Tyler, Tex.; and two step-children, Mrs. Vernon (Mildred) Shoopman, of Sidney, Nebr., and Kenneth Airhood of Lusk.

Last rites will be conducted from the chapel of the Peet funeral home at 2:00 o'clock, Sunday afternoon, July 4th, Rev. Lawrence P. Juell, pastor of the Congregational Church in charge. Arrangements are under the direction of George Earl Peet. Interment will be in the Lusk cemetery.

Mr. Stigile was born in Lincoln, Nebr., on December 4, 1880 and spent his youth in that city and eastern Nebraska. He came to Wyoming in 1912, settling on land which was the family home until the spring of 1943.

Disposing of his ranch to Bryan Burge of this city, the family moved to Lusk, where Mr. Stigile became employed in the North Side Service Station, later with the O.K. Rubber Welders, and most recently had been in the employee of the O.K. Super Service Station, all of which at these times were operated by Bryan Burge.

He was a faithful and conscientious employee while in Lusk, and on the farm he had made many friends during his residence here, all of whom held him in the highest esteem. His quiet yet friendly and accommodating personality while in Lusk added materially to his large circle of warm friends.

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