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Elizabeth "Libbie" Dryer

(01/19/1855 - 05/14/1941)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 05/15/1941

Aged Co. Resident Passes Wednesday

Mrs. Libbie Dryer passed away on Wednesday morning about 2:30 o'clock at the Spencer hospital. She had lived in Niobrara County for the past 55 years. She was born January 19, 1855, passing away at the age of 86 years, three months and 25 days. she made her home with her son Gene, about 12 miles east of Hat Creek in the Indian Creek valley.

Death was attributed to complications of conditions due to advanced age. Her husband, Wm. R. Dryer, died in 1901.

Funeral services will be held on Friday afternoon at the Peet Mortuary with Rev. Marshall in charge of the services. A complete obituary will be published next week.

The Lusk Free Lance
May 15, 1941
Mrs. Libbie Dryer Dies Wednesday at 86; Burial Friday

Passing the four score and fifth year of her life last January 19, Mrs. Libbie Dryer, one of the county's oldest residents, died at Spencer hospital in this city at 2:20 a.m., Wednesday, May 14, after having been confined there for the past two weeks. Complications attendant to advanced age, along with a serious dropsical condition were given as the cause of death. Mrs. Dryer had lived in Whitman and nearby communities, spending the last 55 years of her life in this part of Wyoming.

The deceased is survived by three sons, Eugene A. and Orval J., of Whitman, and Omar A., of Mitchell, Nebr.; a step-daughter, Mrs. Minnie Pinkerton, of Manville; thirteen grandchildren and fourteen great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband, William R. Dryer who passed away Dec. 21st, 1901; and two sons, Waltie H. and Frank W., whose deaths occurred in 1879 and 1927, respectively.

Funeral services will be conducted from the chapel of the Peet mortuary at 2:00 o'clock Friday afternoon. Rev. Millard Marshall, pastor of the Congregational church of this city, officiating. Interment will be made in the Lusk Cemetery.

Mrs. Dryer was born at Shandaken, N.Y. on January 19, 1855. On December 31, 1876 she was united in marriage to William Dryer at Big Indian, New York. Two years later the couple treked west, locating in Holt County, Nebr., where they remained until 1886. That year the family moved to Manville, where they resided for twelve years, then removing to the Kirtley community. In 1901 another move was made and the Dryers took up residence at Ardmore S. Dak. They lived there until 1929 when they moved to Whitman.

The Lusk Free Lance
May 22, 1941
Libbie Aley-Dryer

Libbie Aley was born at Shandaken, N. Y., on January 19, 1855, the daughter of Jake and Susan Aley. On December 31, 1876 she was united in marriage to Wm. R. Dryer at Big Indian, N.Y. To this union five sons were born. Mr. and Mrs. Dryer came from New York state to Holt county, Nebr., in 1878 where they resided for seven years. In 1886 the family moved westward, coming to Chadron, Nebr., in an immigrant car. Chadron at that time was the end of the railroad.

From Chadron this pioneering mother and her family travelled in covered wagons drawn by yokes of oxen and other unbroken cattle taken from their little herd brought west to help begin establishing a home among the hardships and vicissitudes common to all whose courage and faith were equal to that of beloved Mrs. Dryer.

The Dryer home was the third to be built in Manville and served for the first church services conducted in that early day town. After several years living at Manville the Dryer home was in the Indian Creek valley between Hat Creek and Ardmore. For the last twelve years Mrs. Dryer had lived with her son, Gene and family on their ranch near Whitman, Wyoming.

She passed away in Lusk, Wyo., May 14th, 1941, at the age of 86 years, 3 months and 25 days. Mrs. Dryer was preceded in death by her husband who passed away in 1901; her son, Waltie, whose death occurred in 1878, and by her son, Frank, in 1927.

She is survived by her sons, Eugene and Orval of Whitman, Wyo., and Omar, of Mitchell, S.D.; one step-daughter, Mrs. Minnie Pinkerton of Manville, thirteen grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren. A brother and sister in New York, also survive.

In young womanhood Mrs. Dryer was converted to the Christian faith and was a member of the Methodist church. She was a consistent Christian, a loving wife and a devoted mother, all of which leave beautiful memories in the minds of those who today mourn her passing. Hers was a long life, well lived and an inspiration to all who knew her.

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