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Elsie Hammer

(08/11/1891 - 01/28/1927)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 02/03/1927

Second Member of Family Called During Month


Taken Seriously Ill with Peritonitis Last Wednesday and Succumbs Friday Morning.

Mrs. Elmer Hammer was taken seriously ill Wednesday evening of last week. The doctor was immediately called and advised that she be taken immediately to Douglas to the hospital. Thursday morning this was done, but peritonitis had reached such a stage of development that it was impossible to save her life and she passed away Friday morning, January 28th.

The remains were shipped back to Lusk where the undertaking department of the Midwest Hardware company was given charge.

Services, with Rev. H. H. Koontz officiating, were held Monday, January 31st, at the Community church. Interment was made in the Lusk cemetery.

As the father of the deceased, the late Herman Hitz, passed away just fifteen days previous to the death of Mrs. Hammer, the blow to the family is indeeed a hard one and the sympathy of the entire community is extended to them and the bereaved husband.

Elsie Hitz was born August 11, 1891 at Tulare, S. Dak., and departed this life at Douglas, Wyo., on January 28, 1927, at the age of 35 years, 5 months and 17 days.

She with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hitz, came to Wyoming in 1909 and made their home one a ranch about six miles north of Lusk. On December 31, 1923, she was united in marriage to Elmer Hammer, they making their home since that time on a ranch near Hat Creek.

The deceased is survived by her husband, her mother, four brothers, Ewald, William, Herman and Walter Hitz, and six sisters, Mrs. S. E. Snyder of Newcastle, Mrs. C. A. Paisley of Lusk, Mrs. Agnes Mauck of Vivian, S. Dak., Minnie, Margaret and Alma Hitz, all of Lusk.

We wish to thank the many friends and neighbors for the kindness and sympathy shown us in our hour of bereavement and also for the beautiful floral offerings.

Elmer Hammer,
Mrs. Maria Hitz and Family.

The Lusk Herald
February 3, 1927
Hat Creek Items

Another one of our smiling faces was called to the Great Beyond when Mrs. Elmer Hammer passed away on Friday, January 28th and was laid to rest in the Lusk cemetery on January 31st. The community extends its most heartfelt sympathy to those left to mourn.

A great many from the Hat Creek community attended the funeral of Mrs. Elmer Hammer last Monday.

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