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Christofher Herman Hitz

(01/19/1852 - 01/13/1927)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 01/13/1927

Herman Hitz is Called By Reaper

As we are about to go to press, the sad news that Mr. Herman Hitz, aged 76, passed away at the ranch home early this (Thursday) morning. Infirmity is given as the cause of demise. Other particulars are unavailable at this time, but full obituary will be given in these columns next week.

The Lusk Herald - Standard
January 20, 1927

Rev. Carl Hellman of Crawford Officiates at Funeral

Body is Laid to Rest in Lusk Cemetery; Deceased Had Made Home Here Since in 1909

Funeral services for the late Herman Hitz, who passed away at the ranch home, six miles northeast of Lusk last Thursday morning, were held at 1:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon at the home, in charge of Rev. Carl Hellman, pastor of the Lutheran church of Crawford. Interment was made in the Lusk cemetery.

The passing of Mr. Hitz brings to mind that another faithful and industrious citizen of this community is to be missed. He had always been of the type of men that (was) responsible for the growth of this state and had one of the best conducted ranches in eastern Wyoming.

During his later years, Mr. Hitz was afflicted with deafness and this kept him, to a great extent, from mingling with others. His death was attributed to infirmity.

Mr. Herman HItz was born January 19, 1852, in Pomerania, Germany, and passed away at his home on Thursday morning, January 13, 1926 (should say 1927) aged 74 years, 11 months, and 25 days.

The departed was united in marriage with Maria, nee Boldt, who survives him on March 15, 1878. This union was blessed with thirteen children. Two, Bernhard and Martha, preceded their father in death; those who remain to mourn his departure are; Mrs. S. Snyder, Newcastle, Mrs. O. Mauck, Vivian, S. D., Mrs. E. Hammer, Hat Creek, Wyo., Mrs. C. Paisley, Ewald, William, Minnie, Herman, Margaret, Alma, and Walter, all of Lusk. He is also survived by 11 grandchildren.

In 1889, Mr. Hitz and his family left Germany and came to (the)United States, locating in South Dakota. Since 1909 the family has resided on the farm near Lusk.

"I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep; for thou, Lord only makest me dwell in safety."

We wish to thank our neighbors and friends who were so kind and thoughtful toward us in the sorrow that has entered our home, the death of our beloved husband and father. Also for the many beautiful floral offerings.

Mrs. Maria Hitz,
Mrs. S. Snyder,
Mrs. O. Mauck,
Mrs. E. Hammer,
Mrs. C. Paisley,
Ewald, William, Minnie, Herman, Margaret, Alma and Walter Hitz.

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