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Dolly Mae Humphreys

(03/03/1867 - 10/31/1940)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 11/14/1940

Mrs. Dolly Mae Humphreys, Pioneer Resident of County Died At Sheridan, Homesteaded At Lance Creek In 1910

Mrs. Dolly Mae Humphreys, a resident of this county for many years passed away at Sherldan, Wyoming Thursday, October 3lst,
following several weeks illness.

Dolly Mae Humphreys was born at Canesville, MO., March 3, 1867, and passed away at Sheridan, Wyoming, October 31, 1940, at the age of 73 years, seven months and twenty eight days.

In 1882 she moved with her parents to Spencer, South Dakota, and the following year on Christmas day she was united in marriage to George C. Humphreys. To this union nine children were born, eight of whom are left to mourn her death, one son, Buzz Humphreys, having preceded her in death on February 11, 1937. The surviving children are Mrs. Maebell Fogarty and Mrs. E. J. Sinn, both of Sheridan, Wyoming; Mrs. C. S. Rice and Monzie G. Humphreys of Lance Creek, Wyoming; Mrs. Jay Cosgrove and Gurney Glen Humphreys both of Reliance, South Dakota and Mrs. A. J. Murphy and Benny P. Humphreys, of Redding, California.

In 1901 the family moved to Reliance, South Dakota, having previously spent a year in the Black Hills and three years in Tennessee.

On August 2, l907 her husband passed away at Mitchell, South Dakota. In 1910 she homesteaded in Wyoming where she spent the remainder of her life, except for three years in California.

Her body was taken to Reliance November 2, 1940 and funeral services were held November 3, conducted by Rev. Stevenson and she was laid to rest beside her husband.

Mrs. Humphreys was a devoted Christian, a faithful wife and a loving mother and was very dear to all who knew her.

Besides her children those left to mourn her passing are two brothers, Clayton Tillotson of Spencer, South Dakota, and Marion C. Tillotson of British Columbia, Canada; and two sisters, Mrs. Maude Somers of College Place, Wash., and Mrs. Thomas Hart of Spencer, South Dakota; as well as 19 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, a host of other relatives and friends.

How sweet are remembrances,
Of our noble Mother
Like echoes from the Better Land,
They help us cheer each othar.

And as the radiant sunshine
Clothes earth in buds and flowers,
So Mother's beautiful Life
Blesses and enriches ours.

The clouds for a brief space,
Have veiled her face from view
Still she lives and loves us,
She has not forever said "Adieu."

Behind the "Mysterious Veil"
She will welcome us someday,
Where this Life is Living Death
What we call Death "Gateway to Eternal Day."

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