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Maxine E. Koch

(06/07/1920 - 03/08/2005)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 07/23/2008

Maxine E. Koch

Maxine E. Koch will be commemorated in a graveside memorial service at the Lusk Cemetery on Saturday, July 26, 2008, at 1:00 p.m., followed by a memorial at a local restaurant.

Maxine passed away in Arlington, VA on March 8, 2005, requesting that her ashes be interred in Lusk next to her husband Bruce H. Koch ("Bud"), who predeceased her, her parents Harry and Edna Austin and her sisters Donna Austin who passed away in January 1954 and Louise Lawrence who passed away on March 14, 1999. Family and friends residing in California and Nevada will travel to Lusk for the memorial.

Maxine was born in Douglas, Wyo. on June 7, 1920 and moved to Lusk in 1930, where she attended grade school and graduated from Lusk High School in 1938. She married Bud Koch in 1940. She became Clerk of Court in Niobrara County and then moved to Washington D.C. to work for Senator Frank A. Barrett of Wyoming, when he was elected to the U.S. Senate, and later worked as executive secretary for Congressman Frank T. Bow of Ohio and his successor Ralph Regula, remaining on Capitol Hill for over 30 years.

Throughout her life, Maxine maintained close ties with Lusk, attending high school reunions regularly and keeping in touch with her friends from high school who called themselves "The Dirty Dozen." She was a card-carrying member of the Benevolent and Patriotic Order of Does, Drove #64 of Lusk, Wyo.

Surviving are her nieces and nephews, Leslie Woudstra of Porterville, CA; Donald Lawrence of Santa Cruz, CA; Dorothy Rossi of Porterville, CA; Paula Lawrence of Berkley, CA; Robert Lawrence of Porterville, CA; and Wendy Lawrence of Ben Lomond, CA; and brother-in-law, Lester William Lawrence of Porterville, CA. She is also survived by her long time dear friend Obie Barrera.

Details of the graveside service and memorial are being finalized. Please contact Wendy Lawrence at or by calling her at 831/818-5619 for more information.

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Maxine Koch's campaign photo of 1952
Photo/Debbie Rose
Photo courtesy of the Joshua Brackett Eagle Scout project

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