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Paul Theodore Barnes

(07/24/1871 - 04/18/1956)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 04/26/1956

Father of Mrs. Adams Dies In California

Paul Barnes, 84, of Concord, Calif., father of Mrs. Lawrence Adams, died April 18 in the hospital at Martinez, Calif., and was buried in Memory Garden Cemetery at Concord Apr. 21. Mrs. Adams, who had been called to California due to the illness of her father, returned Apr. 23.

Mr. Barnes was a pioneer in Sioux County, having homesteaded north of Harrison in 1903 and lived on the homestead site until 1920 when he moved to Harrison. In 1946 he sold his home and property in Harrison and moved to Hot Springs, Ark. where he lived until about a year ago. The move to California was made because of his health, but it did not prove of any benefit.

He is survived by his wife, Sara, and a son, Fay and daughter Frances of California; son Clinton of Cheyenne; daughter Edna of Van Tassell, Wyo.; son Jack of Omaha and daughter, Dorothy of Oak, Nebr.

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